1.5 million people confident to re-engage in society by attending concerts, clubs and sporting events – Core Consumer Mindset Report

  • 1.2m people would attend an indoor gig or nightclub
  • 1.5m people say they would attend an outdoor music festival or cultural event
  • 1.4m people have reconnected with friends by socialising indoors this month

Public confidence about returning to social activities that were previously restricted is steadily increasing and the sentiment is largely optimistic as 1.5m adults are ready to attend concerts, clubs and sporting events, according to the latest monthly Consumer Mindset Report from Core, Ireland’s largest marketing communications company.

With 1.4m people having already met friends for indoor dinner or drinks this month, it’s clear that reconnecting with friends has been a top priority for people as restrictions lifted. While 1.5m people would go to an outdoor festival or cultural event, the return of nightclubs and increased capacity at indoor gigs on October 22nd is eagerly anticipated by the Irish public with 1.2m people saying they are ready to dance indoors again.

The report also reveals interesting insights on how the workforce in Ireland are feeling about the “Return to the Workplace” which officially occurred on Monday 20th September.

  • 50% of workers had already returned to the workplace or office before the official date
  • 69% of those who have returned to the workplace say they approve of how their employer or workplace has handled the COVID-19 situation
  • 24% of workers say they are not yet ready to return to the workplace
  • 26% of workers plan to return to the workplace or office in “the next four weeks”

Speaking about these differing consumer mindsets of the public, Finian Murphy, Marketing Director with Core said:

There’s been a surge in the return of social norms and activities this month with over 1.4m people having already met friends for dinner or drinks indoors and a further 1.2m planning to. The pace at which Ireland’s   vaccination rate has grown has clearly increased public confidence, as society continues to re-open. There is also evidence to suggest that the majority of workers are confident in returning to the workplace, particularly those who approve of how their employer has handled the COVID-19 situation. With up to three-quarters of the workforce saying they plan to return to the workplace in the next four weeks, people are looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues face to face.”

“That said, with the continued easing of restrictions, businesses and brands will need to acknowledge that people will be judging whether a “return to normal” is a good thing for them or not, as we have seen varying levels of confidence, especially regarding the return to the workplace.”

The stats revealed the levels of concern about COVID-19 in Ireland are at their lowest ever this month, with just 34% of all adults “very or extremely concerned” about the pandemic. This is a drop from 37% in August 2021.

Methodology: Research was conducted between the 9th and the 20th of September interviewing 1,000 Irish adults online and representative of the adult population in Ireland.

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