64% of people in Ireland interested in a service which can predict when you may be getting sick – Core Research’s Health 2020 report

  • Health conscious consumers now moving towards a flexitarian diet and eating less meat
  • 38% of Irish people exercise at least once a week and monitor their diet, while 17% do this on a daily basis
  • 15% don’t exercise or monitor their diet

Nearly two thirds of Irish people (64%) are interested in a service which can predict when you may be getting sick, based on your personal data. This is according to Core’s Health 2020 report, compiled by Ireland’s largest marketing communications company, and based on the views of 1,000 participants discussing three key areas – fitness, nutrition and well-being.

The Core Health 2020 report focuses on five key health segments, asking interviewees about the extent to which they maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are as follows:

  • Active Foodies (38% of all adults) – exercise at least once a week and monitors food diet
  • Active Non-Foodies (18% of all adults) – exercise at least once a week but don’t monitor diet
  • Active + Foodies (17% of all adults) – exercise daily and monitors food diet
  • Inactive Foodies (12% of all adults) – do not exercise but monitors food diet
  • Resters (15% of all adults) – do not exercise and do not monitor diet

The research has revealed that when it comes to health tech, despite concerns around the management of their personal data, 64% said they were interested in technology that tracks mood and predicts illness, while a further 70% said they were interested in events or spaces which would help improve mental wellbeing.

Eating better and exercising was a key priority for the Active + Foodies segment, with 60% intending to reduce their meat consumption this year. This was coupled with physical and mental health, as the research found 70% were interested in wearable technology that tracks physical exercise and also measures their personal health including their mood and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy diet.

While all five cohorts ranked mental wellbeing high in importance, 70% of Active + Foodies said they were the most likely to focus on their mental health as much as their physical health. The research showed that this group was also the most likely to actively manage this aspect of their health by keeping a diary, listening to podcasts or reading content about mental health while also engaging in stress management techniques such as breathing exercises.

Only 36% of Resters, a group with less time for themselves due to family commitments, makes them the cohort that pays the least attention to their mental wellbeing, while stress was the main emotion experienced this year (39%). With a lack of exercise and poor diet, the research revealed that this group possessed a fragile mental state, so it is understandable that they are more likely to want to speak with a therapist or counsellor in 2020.

Inactive Foodies, a group more likely to be older Mums with teenagers, was the most likely to cook from scratch and order the least amount of takeaway than all other categories. That said, just 6 in 10 considered themselves healthy which is the second lowest after Resters. The main priority for this group is dietary as they aim to reduce their intake of meat, salt and sugar in 2020 while only 3 in 10 intend to start walking more for exercise in 2020.

Andrew McCormack, Research Executive at Core, says: “These findings demonstrate that consumers are becoming more health-conscious regarding their diet and exercise with a clear correlation between improved mental health and physical activity. By providing a more moderate approach to diet and exercise, brands can encourage consumers to re-focus their outlook on wellness, nutrition and exercise and provide accessible ways to manage these aspects of health.”

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