Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland release latest Complaints Bulletin



10 advertisements found to be in breach of the ASAI Code on grounds relating to Misleading Advertising and Alcohol Advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland’s (ASAI) independent Complaints Committee has released its latest Complaints Bulletin which contains 12 case reports on complaints recently investigated by the ASAI.

10 advertisements were found to have been in breach of the ASAI Code on grounds relating to Misleading Advertising, Substantiation, Promotional Marketing and Alcohol Advertising. The advertisements complained of related to the internet, social media, print and radio.

Two of the upheld advertisements complained about related to complaints from Intra Industry / Interested Parties while the ASAI Complaints Committee also chose not to uphold two consumer complaints.

The Complaints Committee is a completely independent arm of the ASAI and is responsible for considering and dealing with complaints submitted by the public, by a member of the ASAI, by a Government Department or any other person or body of persons. The Committee is made up of a range of experts from the advertising, media, education, consumer and marketing sectors.  See further details here –

Commenting on the latest ASAI rulings, Orla Twomey, Chief Executive of the ASAI, stated:

The updated ASAI Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland came into effect earlier this year, to ensure that the Code will remain, at all times, credible and relevant. The latest ASAI complaints bulletin shows the effectiveness of the Code in dealing with complaints across all media including social, radio and print. The multiple sectors which feature also highlight the broad scope of the ASAI in maintaining consumer confidence, wherever they see misleading advertising. Complaints in relation to sectors including: Alcohol, Education, Telecommunications and Motor industry all featured.

The ASAI approach is to work with advertisers rather than against them to ultimately ensure that all marketing communications are truthful, decent and honest. The ASAI provide a free and confidential copy advice service to advertisers, agencies and media members to help them create responsible ads. If an advertiser has any concerns about a marketing communications’ compliance with the ASAI’s Code, they can contact us and avail of the free and confidential copy advice service.”