Affidea Clinic in Naas wins Affinity award from the European-wide Affidea organisation in recognition of the team’s outstanding approach to patient care

  • Award win follows €1.8m investment in the Naas clinic over past four years, with diagnostic capacity at the clinic doubling in that time
  • New ExpressCare Clinic now operational at Affidea Naas

The Affidea Clinic in Naas, part of Affidea Ireland, has received an Affinity Award from the European-wide Affidea organisation, which is a leading leading independent provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatient services.

The team at the Affidea Clinic in Naas received the award in recognition of its steadfast commitment to advancing patient care and providing superior customer service when it came to treating a child with autisim.

When the patient with autism was due to undergo an MRI scan, the centre manager, together with the Radiographer, ensured that the patient’s mother had the confidence and trust in the team to ensure that the scan could go ahead as smoothly as possible for the child.

The Naas Clinic beat off stiff competition from other Affidea clinics across Europe to be selected as the overall winner of the Affidea Affinity Award which was borne out of what the name Affidea stands for:

  • Affinity with Doctors and patients. Recognises our priority for the concerns, feelings and emotions of our patients. Through our services, we help Doctors to provide excellent care for their patients.
  • Fidelity and trust in everything we do – through our high-quality care and the best standards of patient safety we are able to reinforce the trust that our patients and Doctors have in us.
  • Idea – constant progress through new ideas and innovation. Highlights our constant organizational learning and adoption of the latest technologies and digital solutions to provide the best quality and medical care.

Affidea Ireland is part of the European Group which operates a network of 269 diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer-care centres in 16 countries across Europe. Focused on providing high quality affordable care, Affidea sees over 7 million patients per year across Europe, performs over 14 million examinations annually and works with over 9,000 professionals, of which 3000 are medical doctors.

Affidea Ireland operates the youngest and most modern fleet of MRI facilities within the Leinster region with an average age of less than three years, enabling it to provide high end diagnostic imaging in modern, comfortable settings. In 2018, the company provided medical services to over 200,000 people in Ireland and that number will grow further in 2019.

Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea Group CEO, says: “When a young patient who was severely autistic booked for an MRI scan, our centre manager, together with the Radiographer provided a level of unrivalled care in their approach to ensuring both mother and child were totally comfortable and at ease before proceeding with the scan. 

“They scheduled the patient for the last appointment of the day, lights were dimmed in the clinic and unnecessary background noise was reduced. The scan was performed successfully with careful guiding by the Radiographer. For their caring attitude and action in a professional and empathetic way, I am very proud to present the Affinity Award to the Naas Team, Ireland.”

Barry DownesCEO of Affidea Ireland, says“Undergoing an MRI scan can be nervous experience for any patient. In this particular case it wasn’t just the child who benefitted as a patient – can you imagine trying to seek medical assistance for a child that will be reliant on its parents all its life, that must place a significant burden on any parent.

“Following the actions of the team here in Naas, the sense of relief for the parents was immense – their child was now able to access the medical diagnostics it required. The Naas team enabled this not through technology or through process but by displaying humanity and compassion. Their actions that day really demonstrated what it means to have affinity with our patients – their actions were the physical embodiment of our core values.”

Affidea recently invested €500,000 in the establishment of an ExpressCare Clinic in Naas, co-located with Affidea’s existing diagnostic clinic in the town. ExpressCare clinics by Affidea are ‘walk in’ facilities that treat minor injuries and illnesses that don’t require a hospital visit. The business already operates an ExpressCare Clinic in Tallaght, just 200 metres from Tallaght University Hospital, Northwood Business Park in Santry and at The Elysian in Cork.

The investment in the new faciliity in Naas is part of an overall €1.8 million investment by the company in the Naas clinic over the last four years, with diagnostic capacity at the clinic doubling in that time.

As well as operating the four ExpressCare Clinics in Dublin, Cork and now Naas, Affidea also has ten state-of-the-art diagnostic centres* and two managed hospital services across the country that provide MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray and DEXA scan facilities*. This offers patients unrivalled access to advanced diagnostic imaging which has previously been an issue in Irish healthcare.

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