AirSpeed Telecom rolls out high-speed 500Mbs broadband service to Kells Tech Hub, Co. Meath, ensuring always-on connectivity for state-of-the-art co-working facility

AirSpeed Telecom, a leading provider of high-performance telecommunications products and services to enterprise, public sector and small to medium sized businesses, is now delivering speeds of up to 500Mb to the Kells Tech Hub in Co. Meath. The always-on high-speed broadband will be delivered to the facility which boasts 68 co-working spaces, a 120-seater auditorium and 2,000 square foot dedicated innovation zone.

The Kells Tech Hub is a world class enterprise development, training and co-working facility that seeks to support start-ups and SME’s to scale and go global, while also supporting regional development by acting as a strategic landing hub for FDI and a viable outreach hub for large city-based employers.

The Kells Tech Hub is home to a number of start-up businesses including Unicorn Magic, which uses AI to create apps for Google, and 5D Design, which utilises Computer Aided Design to build 3D prototype solutions for the mechanical and plastic parts industries. creating efficiencies on production lines. These businesses require guaranteed high-speed connectivity at all times, which has been made possible by the service provided by AirSpeed Telecom. In addition, the bandwidth is scalable and will allow Kells Tech Hub to expand, depending on future needs.

Gary O’Meara, CEO of Meath Enterprise which operates the Kells Tech Hub, says:

“Meath Enterprise has formed a close partnership with AirSpeed Telecom, which has been critical to delivering high-speed broadband to the area. The connectivity into the hub will allow us to provide state of the art facilities for small businesses located in the region, as well as those who normally have to commute from Kells to Dublin. We’re delighted that this service will help enable digital businesses to grow and thrive in our facility.”

Speaking on behalf of AirSpeed Telecom, Managing Director, Charles O’Reilly said:

“We’re delighted to provide a 500mb connection into the Kells Tech Hub. It’s an exciting project to work on and is making a real difference to the lives of the people using the hub. Through our commitment to improving rural connectivity, this initiative aims to allows people in Kells to work smarter, have a better work-life balance. It will also create employment opportunities for the people of Kells and surrounding areas.”

Delivering bespoke solutions over fibre, wireless and copper infrastructure, AirSpeed Telecom works with businesses on the island of Ireland across a range of sectors, including financial services, construction, food and beverage and hospitality. Among the clients that AirSpeed Telecom is proud to work with are Chill, Keelings, Manor Farm and Kilsaran.