Eight out of ten business owners say unnecessary office clutter takes up vital space in their office while almost half of all employers say the mess reflects badly on their business

Old paperwork, furniture and computers are biggest culprits contributing to office disorder 

Eight out of ten business owners (82%) feel clutter is taking up vital space in their office, with almost half of all employers (42%) saying the mess reflects badly on their business. A further four in ten employers (41%) worry that prospective clients get a bad first impression because of the disorder in the office.

Paperwork such as old files and documents (64%), furniture no longer in use (23%) and spare computers and computer parts (8%) are the biggest culprits taking up vital office space.

One in two business owners believe that by improving their office space, they could make the location a nicer space to be in (43%) for employees and clients, while almost half of all employers (39%) say an improved office space would probably improve staff morale and productivity. A further 15% of business owners feel that by removing office clutter they would have more space to hire further staff and allow their business to grow.

Interestingly, when it comes to finding a solution to the clutter, only 14% of business owners say they have availed of external self-storage solutions to store the content until they decide what to do with it. In fact, 84% of business owners have never looking at this option to help benefit their business.

The most important feature when selecting a self-storage unit for half of all business owners (51%) is the level of security provided at the facility. Having 24/7 access to their lock-up is also a key feature for one in four businesses. Similarly, only a quarter of business owners (24%) were aware of the substantial financial savings a business can make when availing of a self-storage unit when compared with renting a warehouse or moving to a larger office space.

With commercial rents continually rising, Jude O’ Meara, MD of Elephant Self Storage, says that instead of trying to move office, business owners could make more use of the space they already have: “With the rising cost of rent, many business owners can’t afford to move to a larger premises. What they can do instead is store archived files and other items and free up vital space in their existing office. Self-storage is a practical, cost-effective and secure solution which will allow business owners to grow their business, without incurring significant overheads. 

At Elephant Self-Storage, we store practically anything – furniture, computers, equipment, archived paper files or even bulky seasonal content such as the office Christmas tree and decorations. We have 800 storage units ranging in size from compact boxes and mid-size lockers right up to 1,000 square foot jumbo rooms, with free access as often as you like, so you just pick the storage size that suits your needs. And you can leave your items with us for as long as you like – whether that’s one week or one year. 

“Not only do we offer storage units for businesses, we also provide a pickup service and a free delivery acceptance service on behalf of our clients. If you are out on the road or simply have limited office space, Elephant Self Storage can hold these deliveries until you are ready to collect them. We also provide a free business post box and use of our business centre which can be a fantastic all in one package for smaller businesses.”

Security is also paramount at Elephant Self-Storage, as the facility has 800 CCTV cameras, 24/7 live monitoring, sophisticated internal and external alarm systems, electronic door and gate access, top of the range smoke detectors and personalised padlocks and access codes. Elephant Self Storage also offer free collection and move in offer for all storage customers who sign up for a period of longer than three months.

Dubbed the ‘Hotel for Your Goods’, Elephant Self-Storage also offers 24/7 access to selected external drive up units, meaning you can gain entry at any time of the day or night ensuring your items are accessible to you as much as possible.


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