Enet donates humanitarian aid vehicle to London-based charity ‘The Scrubbery’ to transport essential medical supplies to Eastern Ukraine

Enet, Ireland’s largest open access telecoms network provider, has donated a humanitarian aid vehicle to London based charity ‘The Scrubbery’ to transport vital medical supplies to Eastern Ukraine.


The vehicle (a specialised 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter) began its journey in Dublin on 20th April and has now travelled across Europe and into Ukraine. Stocked with compressors, scrubs, face masks and surgical equipment, the aid van will provide Ukrainian medical staff with the much-needed PPE equipment as well as wheelchairs and crutches for the injured.


Once the medical supplies have been delivered to its recipients, the vehicle will then be used as an ambulance for medical evacuations, providing a safe transport vehicle for injured people in need of medical assistance.


‘The Scrubbery’ co-ordinates local volunteers in Putney, London, to fulfil requests for scrubs from NHS hospitals and healthcare providers across London and wherever there is a need. So far, they have delivered over 48,000 items including scrubs, face masks and scrub caps as well as 1,500 well-being bags.


The opportunity for Enet to become involved arose through the introductions of Jerr Kealy of Kealy Motors in Sandyford and Mr Tony Fitzpatrick, Director of Industrial Relations at Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.


Peter McCarthy, CEO of Enet, said: “At Enet, we are grateful to be in a position to donate this specialised aid vehicle and work alongside ‘The Scrubbery’ in London, who carry out such important and significant work providing critical medical supplies in both the United Kingdom and now in Ukraine. It’s a privilege to be a part of this campaign and play a small part in providing support to those who need it most. Sincere thanks to Jerr Kealy of Kealy Motors and Tony Fitzpatrick for giving us the opportunity to support such a significant initiative.”


Enet operates the largest alternative wholesale telecoms network in Ireland, which comprises of over 5,400 Km of fibre infrastructure, including the Irish State’s Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), proprietary metro networks, a unique dark fibre backhaul infrastructure, as well as one of the largest licensed wireless networks in the country. Taken together, Enet’s infrastructure creates a fully integrated, nationwide network that is truly open access in nature, enabling retail service providers to deliver world class bandwidth services to their customers throughout Ireland.




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