Extreme concern over elderly who are putting off seeking medical treatment for fractures and injuries for up to three weeks – Affidea ExpressCare Clinics

  • Significant increase in number of patients presenting with injuries that are weeks old and at risk of becoming infected
  • Over 50’s most likely to cancel medical appointments in a bid to avoid medical settings due to Covid-19
  • Cancellation of communion and confirmation parties – meaning no bouncy castle activity – has resulted in fewer fractures and sprains in children

Many patients, particularly the elderly, are putting off seeking medical treatment for fractures and injuries incurred in the home, according to Affidea, the healthcare business that operates ExpressCare Clinics nationwide. In some cases, patients are waiting up to three or four weeks to get medical care.

Most of the injuries are fractures and ligament damage primarily caused by falls in the shower and garden related incidents. With patients waiting so long before seeking medical attention, many are now presenting with injuries which are at risk of becoming infected. The main reason cited as to why they haven’t sought medical care sooner is because they don’t want to attend a medical setting.

Affidea ExpressCare Clinics are ‘walk in’ facilities that treat minor injuries and illnesses that don’t require a hospital visit. Three of their clinics – Tallaght, Northwood (Dublin) and Cork – are fully operational during the Covid-19 crisis, and all three are reporting a significant increase in the number of people, particularly the elderly, who are waiting weeks before seeking medical attention for their injuries.

In April 2020, Affidea also saw an increase in the number of appointment cancellations, particularly among those aged over 50 who say they are reluctant to attend a medical setting due to Covid-19. In more recent weeks however, patients have been calling in advance and Affidea is using this as an opportunity to reassure them of the significant safety measures that are in place at each ExpressCare Clinic. Affidea still have a restriction on seeing respiratory cases due to its Covid-19 prevention measures.

Affidea is also reporting fewer paediatric cases compared to the same time last year, which would have primarily been caused by falls on bouncy castles at communion and confirmation parties.

Offering fast turnaround times without an appointment, ExpressCare Clinics treat minor injuries and illnesses such as fractures and sprains, lacerations requiring stitches, sports and DIY injuries, minor burns and scalds, eye and ear injuries, insect and animal bites, infections and rashes. Children over the age of one are also treated, eliminating the need for a stressful visit to a hospital A&E department with an injured child.

Dr. Darren Collins, Lead Doctor at the Affidea ExpressCare Clinic in Santry, says“As we continue to adapt to the changing crisis, our doctors are still here, both virtually and in-person, to address all medical needs. Covid-19 restrictions have made patients reluctant to attend mainstream hospitals for treatment but it is critical that we don’t lose sight of the fact that other illnesses and health needs are still present and need timely care and attention.”  

This time last year we were treating a large number of paediatric cases from trampoline and bouncy castles as a result of communion parties. It has started to get a little bit busier with the return of the good weather and we are starting to see more paediatric fractures. We are also seeing patients coming into us in the mornings who had been in the ED the previous evening and left due to waiting times.”  

We continue to operate to the highest standards of care and hygiene in all of our clinics, ensuring we can provide safe, reliable and expedient treatments at our locations. Patients can be assured that they will be treated in a safe and comfortable environment with minimum stress and disruption. It also frees up capacity for those in need of specialised care in our hospitals – which is so important at the moment.”

As well as operating the ExpressCare Clinics, Affidea also has ten state-of-the-art diagnostic centres and two managed hospital services across the country that provide MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray and DEXA scan facilities*. This offers patients unrivalled access to advanced diagnostic imaging which has previously been an issue in Irish healthcare.

Affidea operates the youngest and most modern fleet of MRI facilities within the Dublin region with an average age of less than three years, enabling it to provide high end diagnostic imaging in modern, comfortable settings.

Affidea Ireland, which was established here in 2007, is part of the European Group, Affidea, which has 280 advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care centres across 16 countries. Focused on providing high quality affordable care, the company sees over 7 million patients per year, performs over 14 million examinations annually and works with over 9,400 professionals, of which 3,000 are medical doctors.

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