Keyhouse, Irish-owned provider of cloud technology services to legal firms, acquired by global firm Dye & Durham


  • Dye & Durham’s fourth Irish acquisition in 18 months is fuelled by the vision to create an integrated technology platform for legal firms and inhouse legal departments – led by the Keyhouse practice management system


  • Dye & Durham was the headline sponsor of the Irish Law Awards 2022


  • Law firm transformation competition worth up to €40,000 unveiled by Keyhouse to help firms improve internal processes and enhance efficiencies


Keyhouse, a leading provider of innovative software systems, training, and services for legal and business professionals in Ireland, has been acquired by global firm Dye & Durham, one of the world’s most prominent providers of legal, property and business technologies.


Keyhouse, established in 1991, provides innovative cloud and tech solutions to law firms, helping them deliver services more efficiently and ultimately driving greater profitability and productivity. The company, which is led by Brian Sweeney and Stephen Keogh, works with the majority of the top 500 law firms in Ireland.


The acquisition by Dye & Durham will allow Keyhouse to invest further in its technology and services so it can continue to help law firms achieve optimal results. This move will also provide clients with access to the most cutting-edge and secure cloud technologies available, while also offering Keyhouse the opportunity to expand further into international markets.


Keyhouse is the fourth Irish acquisition made by Dye & Durham over the last 18 months, joining other legal services companies including Brady and Co., Rochford Brady Group and Hibernian Legal. Keyhouse will now engage in greater integration with all third-party systems from within the wider Dye & Durham operation such as Search Facilities, Anti Money Laundering, Quote Conversion and On-Boarding applications as well as Compliance Modules.


The ultimate aim of Dye & Durham is to create a fully integrated technology platform for law firms in Ireland, led by the Keyhouse practice management system, which will provide all the necessary technology tools required by lawyers and their support teams to reduce the complexity involved in managing the vast volumes of information they deal with on a daily basis.


Building on Keyhouse’s deep understanding of the Irish legal services market and their close client relationships, Dye & Durham are also planning to establish a Client Innovation Council composed of legal industry thought leaders that will gather and develop insights on the use of digital technology in the legal profession. The objective of the initiative will be to provide all Irish legal professionals with the insights, techniques, and skills to help shape the future of the company’s solutions.


Day-to-day operations at Keyhouse will continue as normal with Brian Sweeney and Stephen Keogh remaining with the business, alongside the existing team who remain fully committed to meeting the needs of clients and delivering exceptional customer service.


In addition to Ireland, Dye & Durham also has offices in Canada, Australia, and The United Kingdom. The business, which has engaged in 30+ acquisitions since its inception, works to ensure efficient, frictionless, and secure functioning of some of the world’s largest property and legal markets, deliver vital data insights to support corporate transactions and provide essential payments infrastructure to financial institutions and their customers.



Martha Vallance, Chief Operating Officer of Dye & Durham, says:

“The addition of Keyhouse to the Dye & Durham family will deepen our industry expertise, allowing us to both reach new customers and better serve our existing client base. As we continue to execute on our international growth strategy, it is an exciting time for our company as we expand our capabilities and strengthen our global footprint.

By joining our other Irish companies, Brady & Co., Rochford Brady Group and Hibernian Legal, Keyhouse is now a critical part of the backbone of the company’s operations in Ireland. We have invested in Irish legal technology and services companies because they share the same values. They’re committed to first-class service, unparalleled domain expertise and airtight reliability. As a result, we’re delighted to welcome Keyhouse to the operation. We look forward to consolidating the impressive legacies of these esteemed Irish brands which offer a combined experience of more than 100 years serving the Irish legal profession.”


Brian Sweeney, Managing Director of Keyhouse, says Dye & Durham is an excellent fit for Keyhouse as it will mean significant benefits for clients:

“Dye & Durham began this venture because they believe in everything Keyhouse stands for and naturally, we’re delighted to have our technology, service and personnel recognised by such a prestigious international brand. This new chapter will allow us to invest further in our technology and services so that we can continue to help law firms get better results for themselves and their clients. Our focus is on helping law firms to do better, and by joining the Dye & Durham family, we can now increase our offering to clients, allowing them to continue to thrive.”


Dye & Durham was the headline sponsor at this year’s Irish Law Awards. Now in their 10th year, the Dye & Durham Irish Law Awards 2022 aim to identify, honour, and publicise outstanding achievements, while also recognising those who have dedicated their lives to serving in the legal profession in Ireland. The event took place on Friday 28th October in the Aviva Stadium.


At the event, Keyhouse announced a new Law Firm Transformation competition. Entrants will have the opportunity to win up to €40,000 worth of products and services from Keyhouse to streamline and automate their business to make it as efficient and profitable as possible. The initiative is the first of its kind globally and will give law firms the chance to access exclusive best-in-class tools that will improve internal processes and enhance efficiencies, while also providing the flexibility needed to expand a business. Law firms interested in entering will find more details at


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