Lynk launches essential delivery service for Dublin businesses and customers affected by Covid-19

Lynk Delivery will see over 2000 drivers help grocers, pharmacists and other local businesses deliver direct to their customers’ doors with no person-to-person contact

Lynk, Dublin’s taxi booking app, has launched a new ‘Lynk Delivery’ service to support local businesses and customers affected by Covid-19. The service sees Lynk Delivery drivers collect shopping from a wide range of businesses across the capital and deliver them direct to customers’ doors. The move will help people in the local community who are unable to leave their homes to arrange delivery from their local stores, newsagents, chemists and other essential services.

Since restrictions related to the Covid-19 virus were introduced, demand for deliveries of takeaways, groceries, medicines and even flowers has soared. Already, many business are struggling to deliver on-time, and Lynk’s new service will support both businesses and consumers:

Local businesses can access the Lynk delivery platform on or call directly to order a delivery quickly and easily. The business simply enters the customer’s name or order number, their delivery address and a contact number for the customer. Stores can also book multiple deliveries in a single delivery run.

Customers at home can organise a delivery from their local store by using the new “Delivery” feature on the Lynk app.  Again this is a simple process where shopping is ordered directly from a store’s website or over the phone. Customers then open the Lynk app and set the pick-up address of the local store and the delivery address. Deliveries can also be booked for friends or relatives.

With a team of 2000 drivers, Lynk aims to deliver within 30 minutes, and the delivery can be booked, paid for and tracked online which means most orders will be contact-free. Lynk has thousands of protective masks for drivers and are encouraging drivers to use latex gloves. Lynk estimates it has the capacity to deliver 250,000 deliveries per month.

Noel Ebbs, CEO of Lynk, said: “Local businesses across Dublin are facing unprecedented challenges while consumers are struggling to get access to many basic goods. We’re working with a wide range of businesses including local grocers and pharmacies as well as dry cleaners and florists.

“Customers who don’t want to leave their home can use the Lynk app to easily arrange a delivery for themselves or a loved one. Businesses who might be overrun with deliveries can log in to book a nearby delivery driver. Our delivery person will ring the doorbell, step back and the customer collects the items from their doorstep. There is no person-to-person contact and the two-metre distance should be maintained at all times.

“Many businesses may not have had a delivery option in the past, but this is a simple solution that can ensure they stay connected to their customers and help us all get through the current crisis together without the need for complex integrations, downloads or contractual commitments.”

The Lynk app is available to download from the Apple and Playstore, while local stores looking to get set up can book or register at