Magnet+, the new name for Magnet Networks and AirSpeed Telecom, unveils ‘Contract Freedom Business Broadband – Forever’ and free six month hosted voice package for all customers

  • Magnet+ says seismic moves are aimed at disrupting entire Irish business connectivity marketplace
  • Unparalleled customer service means customers will always speak to a real person not a ‘bot’ thanks to ‘People Powered Connectivity’ focus

Sister companies Magnet Networks, Ireland’s largest independent connectivity network, and AirSpeed Telecom, market leader in the provision of fibre and wireless connectivity services across the country, will now operate under one single name – Magnet+.

Magnet Networks was acquired in December 2020 by Speed Fibre Group, the owner of AirSpeed Telecom, and following an extensive strategic review of the business by a new leadership team, a decision was made to combine the wealth of expertise, talent and skill sets across the two retail businesses to create one unified brand – Magnet+.

An ambitious strategic growth plan is now in place, with Magnet+ focused on not just transforming its proposition as a business, but also the industry in which it operates. The business is committed to disrupting the Irish telecommunications sector by flinging the traditional telecommunications rule book into the recycling bin and creating a seismic cultural shift that the industry has never seen before in Ireland.

Thanks to the Pandemic, the absolute criticality of connectivity to businesses has become even more evident. With up to 100Gb of uninterrupted connectivity available, Magnet+ can deliver into every corner of every county in Ireland. With this in mind, the company has devised a series of commercial ‘moves’ to help their clients become even more productive, efficient and responsive. These moves, which will help ensure that Magnet+ becomes the telecommunications company that customers will always recommend to others, include:

  • Contract Freedom Business Broadband – Forever!

Magnet+ is introducing contract freedom on business broadband for all new customers.

This is the first offer of its kind in Ireland as most operators require a 12-month contract. If in the unlikely event that a customer wants to leave, they just have to give 30 days’ notice.

  • Free VOIP voice service for six months

This includes 1,000 Irish landline and 1,000 Irish mobile calling minutes per company per month. This service will be available to new customers and will also be offered as a free upgrade to existing hosted voice customers, as well as existing customers who would like to migrate to the Magnet+ VOIP hosted voice system. This equates to a saving of nearly €800 over six months for a company with 10 employees, or €3,660 for a company with 50 employees

  • A guarantee of absolute security, total reach and complete resiliency, meaning the customer will always be connected – come what may
  • Utilising the tagline ‘People Powered Connectivity’, Magnet+ is also guaranteeing that if a customer contacts the company, they will be speaking to a real person and not a ‘bot’. People are at the heart of everything Magnet+ does and they guarantee that their people will never let your people down
  • Magnet+ is also committed to simplifying and demystifying the telecommunications sector. Customers hear phrases like fixed line, fibre, wireless, mobile, wholesale and retail – and are often unsure as to what any of it means. They just know they need a service that works, at a price that suits. Magnet+ will simplify the process by using better communication tactics that ensure clients get the best connectivity solution to meet their specific needs

Magnet+ offers a full-suite of telecommunications solutions including dedicated connectivity, telecommunications, Wi-Fi and security as well as cloud services. By combining network-neutrality with world-class technical knowledge, Magnet+ can devise integrated telecommunications solutions utilising its fibre, wireless, 4G and 5G infrastructure to meet the exact needs of each client, ensuring outstanding connectivity that no other provider in Ireland is capable of delivering.

Over 20 new team members have joined Magnet+ already this year, bringing the combined number of employees to 82. A further 15 roles will be filled before the end of this year. A full contemporary refit of the office in Clonshaugh Industrial Estate in North Dublin has taken place, with all required Covid-19 measures implemented. In addition, the new post-covid hybrid working policy at Magnet+ outlines that team members can work from home for up to four days a week. There is just one mandatory in-office day required per week for employees, with the exception of essential workers whose role requires full time attendance.

John Delves, Managing Director of Magnet+, says the future of the Irish telecommunications sector is about to change drastically:

“Our sector is extremely conservative and isn’t very open to change. As a result, the industry has become extremely vanilla – will all the main operators behaving in exactly the same way. We’ve decided that customers deserve better and our plan is to instigate this badly needed change and totally revolutionise the way our industry does business. We’ve done our research and we know where the pain points are. Firstly, customer service from telecommunications companies is simply dismal. The existing players are obsessed with customer acquisition, but not with customer service and customers have come to expect nothing but underwhelming. We are going to change this.”

“Secondly, we all continually hear stories of grindingly slow connection speeds. This is unacceptable given the breadth of technology available today, and thanks to our extensive independent network and expertise, we will make this a thing of the past for our customers.”

“Covid has made us all realise that high-capacity, super-efficient connectivity is critical to the success of any business. Our purpose now is to expand the possibilities of what our clients can achieve. It’s a very exciting time for the entire team at Magnet+ and, importantly, our customers all I can say is – watch this space!”

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