Medicinal Cannabis and its effects on users is the latest topic tackled by Tabú, the probing TG4 documentary series

‘Cinneadh Cannabais’ airs on Wednesday 28th November at 9.30pm on TG4 and features range of personal stories of those using Medicinal Cannabis

As Ireland is on the cusp of easing access to medicinal cannabis for the treatment of some illnesses, new TG4 series Tabú asks – Is cannabis really the new wonder-drug?

CBD Oil is the ‘go to’ supplement of 2018, claimed to impact positively on pain, inflammation, anxiety and sleep. Licensed cannabis farms are springing up all over Ireland, from Kerry to Donegal, and, as it’s a crop that thrives in our climate, Ireland could become one of the biggest cannabis growers in Europe.

This episode of Tabú, due to air on Wednesday 28 November, features a range of Irish people are who are turning to medicinal cannabis to improve their quality of life.

Daire Ní Chanáin, a 22 year old student, suffers from anxiety and depression. To face into her final year in college, she’d rather not rely on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. Instead, she wants to find out more about CBD oil, to see if it may help in any way. She leads the path in this detailed exploration of cannabis, to find out if CBD oil is a health food fad or a miracle remedy, and to figure out if cannabis-based medicines are snake oil or a magic bullet for epilepsy and other serious medical conditions.

The documentary also introduces a number of people who are fighting for the right to access medicinal cannabis in Ireland.

  • Both Vera Twomey and Noreen O’Neill need this treatment for their children, to prevent their life-threatening seizures.
  • Fionnuala Thornton, living with Multiple Sclerosis, is also thriving on cannabis oil.
  • Maria Harper cleared all of her debilitating symptoms of fatigue and weeping skin sores from her chronic immune disorder by using CBD oil.

They all rely on an overpriced unregulated food supplement to self-medicate. Is there a better way?

Do we need to know more about the benefits of cannabis? Are there serious dangers in relaxing access to cannabis? We also meet experts, medical doctors, research scientists, and addiction counsellors who expose the good, the bad and the unknown about cannabis.

Dáire Ní Chanáin, contributor and presenter, says:

“Mar gheall ná féidir leat muinín a chur sna rudaí a léann tú an ar idirlíon, Bheartaigh mé gurbh fhearr scéalta na ndaoine a bhailiú agus mo chinneadh féin a dhéanamh maidir le CBD agus cannabais mar leigheas.” 

“As you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, I decided it was better to hear other people’s stories and make up my own mind about using CBD and cannabis as medicines.

Noreen O’Neill, contributor, says: “The turnaround in my son Michael even within days (of receiving CBD)… he started smiling, I had actually forgotten what it looked like to see him smiling. In the last 4 months, he has done things that I never thought I would see him doing, taking food orally, reaching for his toes…things that you take for granted with a healthy baby .”

Photographs to accompany the series are here

About Tabú:

Tabú is a series of standalone hour-long documentaries which deals with topics from Random Acts of Violence to Online Shaming, from Rural Decline to Domestic Abuse.

Contributors discuss their experiences and explore how these events, beyond their own control, have changed their lives forever. As well as delving into the issues, the contributors attempt to understand what compels people to act in such ways.

These poignant, and often thought-provoking, films encourage the viewer to reflect on the subject matter and consider the effects on our society.

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