New Irish digital healthcare business, VIGO Health, offers access to 30+ everyday health services on one platform for one price – less than €10 a week*

  • VIGO Health aimed at those who don’t have private health insurance and addresses gap in the Irish market for fast access to everyday health services at a reasonable price – via one digital platform
  • Combination of innovative digital solutions and cash benefits allow customers to access all their health connections in one place including virtual GP’s, nurses, physio, mental health and wellbeing services and everyday supports such as dentists, nutritionists and acupuncturists
  • First health cover in Ireland to deliver unlimited and on-demand virtual Nurse Chat and Ask a Doctor Service – unlimited virtual GP visits via video / telephone also included
  • VIGO Health partnering with Irish Life Health, Abi Global Health, Health Hero and Meaghers Pharmacy to deliver services

A new and innovative health cover proposition that covers everyday health costs for those who don’t have private health insurance is being unveiled today in the Irish marketplace.

VIGO Health offers access to over 30 everyday health services under one plan for just one price – all on one digital platform. Costing less than €10 a week, paid via a monthly subscription, the service utilises a combination of innovative digital healthcare solutions and cash benefits to connect customers to a range of health professionals at the time they need them.

Cover includes unlimited, on-demand virtual Nurse Chat which is available online or via messaging apps during working hours – with no appointment necessary. The nurse can also connect the user with any other required services they need. Similarly, the on-demand ‘Ask a Doctor’ service is also unlimited, available 24/7 and accessed online or via messaging apps without an appointment.

This means that customers can simply text a nurse or doctor a question at any time and they’ll receive a response within minutes. Unlimited 24/7 virtual GP visits are also included in the price, while face-to-face GP visits are covered for up to €200 a year.

Aimed primarily at those aged under 40 who don’t have hospital insurance, VIGO Health also offers the following benefits for less than €10 a week:

  • Up to 10 virtual appointments with physio and mental health professionals are fully covered
  • Full cover for MRI and CT scans
  • Full cover for the first two visits to a Minor Injury Clinic
  • Up to €300 a year for blood tests and x-rays and up to €500 a year for consultant visits
  • Contributions are also made towards visits to see a dentist, optician, nutritionist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist and reflexologist. (“See full list of benefits below)

Co-founded by health industry professionals Ruth Bailey and Stephen Loughman, VIGO Health is proud to be the first and only service in Ireland that offers both unlimited, on-demand virtual Nurse Chat and a 24/7 Ask a Doctor service with no appointment necessary. And, as the first brand to bring together on-demand health advice, quality information, and medical appointments, VIGO Health customers have the opportunity to receive a faster diagnosis and get medical attention when they need it.

VIGO Health has also partnered with leading industry names to deliver the service, including:

  • Irish Life Health – Underwriters for the cash benefits and ‘pay the claim’ payments for face-to-face healthcare costs
  • Abi Global Health – Provider of AI powered ‘Ask A Doctor’ service. Using AI to match your question to the right real life doctor. Once matched, the doctor will answer in minutes. An Irish company, Abi Global Health operates in dozens of countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas & Africa servicing more than seven million people in partnership with insurance and healthcare companies, governments and NGOs
  • Health Hero – Provider of virtual GP, Physio and Mental Health consultations
  • Meaghers Pharmacy – Provider of free prescription delivery, along with a 10% discount for their online store

Ruth Bailey, CEO of VIGO Health, says the business concept is based on in-depth research of their target audience to understand their everyday healthcare needs. “Currently, there is no product offering in the Irish marketplace that offers health connections via one platform, bringing together fast access to on-demand health advice, quality information, swift access to diagnostics, and proactive health management, as well as cover for everyday health costs without the full cost associated with hospital health insurance.”

“We want to address this very obvious gap in the Irish healthcare market for fast access to everyday physical and mental health and wellbeing services via one digital platform, while also removing unfair financial barriers to these services. Our aim is to make healthcare simple, and with the support of leading industry partners, we will be using the opportunity to proactively encourage customers to continually maintain their health and wellbeing so they can continue to live their best life!”

VIGO Health is an insurance intermediary, authorised in Ireland. Irish Life Health underwrite the cash benefits of the VIGO cash plan while VIGO Health provides digital health services directly to customers. Irish Life Group is an investor in VIGO Health.

*Premium is charged on a monthly basis as €40 per month per adult / €20 per month per child.  Prices are correct at May 2021.  VIGO Health Ltd T/A VIGO Health is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The VIGO Cash Plan is underwritten by Irish Life Health dac and includes the virtual clinic and cash back for everyday health costs.  Irish Life Health Dac is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. All claim payments are subject to maximum limits as per the table of cover. The total maximum claim payout is €4000.  Ts&Cs apply.

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