Restaurants in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Louth and Kilkenny feature in Top Ten Hottest Dining Rooms list compiled by The Sunday Times

  • Assembled by renowned food critics John and Sally McKenna, The Sunday Times’ annual list of Ireland’s 100 Best Restaurants features a Top Ten list of the best dining rooms to eat in


  • Library Street in Dublin, Goldie in Cork and Big Mike’s in Blackrock, Dublin take the prestigious top three places


  • 16 Cork, 12 Galway and 12 Northern Irish restaurants feature in the Top 100


 The Sunday Times, Ireland’s leading quality Sunday news brand, has unveiled its definitive Top Ten Hottest Dining Rooms list as part of its annual 100 Best Restaurants list – the ultimate guide to eating out in Ireland.


Library Street in Dublin has taken the number one spot in the Top Ten, followed by Goldie in Cork and Big Mike’s in Blackrock, Dublin.


This year’s list focuses on the most exciting and vital rooms to eat modern and creative Irish cooking. The Top Ten Hottest Dining Rooms capture the spirit of modern Irish cooking and hospitality using local Irish ingredients found close to their location.


Compiled by renowned food critics John and Sally McKenna, this is their fourth decade covering the Hundred Best Restaurants in Ireland and their seventh edition with The Sunday Times. The full list of the 100 Best Restaurants is available in The Sunday Times on Sunday, 26th March.


The complete Top Ten list of Hottest Dining Rooms in Ireland selected by John and Sally McKenna is below:


  1. Library St, Dublin

  1. Goldie, Cork

  1. Big Mike’s, Dublin

  1. James St, Belfast

  1. Blackrock Cottage, Galway

  1. Lir, Derry

  1. Square Restaurant, Louth

  1. Uno Mas, Dublin

  1. L’Atitude 51, Cork

  1. Nóinín, Kilkenny



The Sunday Times’ annual list of Ireland’s 100 Best Restaurants also features a host of other exciting foodie categories including:


  • Seven Restaurants with Gardens
  • Eight Best Ice Cream
  • 12 Best Value
  • Ten Best for Lunch
  • 12 Best Bread
  • Six Live Fire Cooking
  • Ten Incredible Desserts
  • Ten Best for Vegetarians
  • Four Best for Vegans
  • 12 Best Spuds
  • Six Best for Cheese
  • Six Best for Cocktails


John and Sally McKenna say this year’s Top Ten is all about the dining room where it all happens: “This is our fourth decade covering the hundred best restaurants in Ireland and we have learned that Irish people want good food, good service, good value and good fun from a restaurant. This year, we decided to incorporate all these factors into the Top Ten. We believe the best cooking is achieved when restaurants source local produce from their local area. We wanted to create a list of the Top Ten places with the best energy and vibe that food lovers crave. While there have sadly been many closures for restaurants, we can see new talent emerging and the Irish restaurant landscape continuing to grow.”


Jennifer Stevens, Editor of Ireland’s 100 Best Restaurants said: “We are so thrilled to be working alongside John and Sally McKenna once again to bring you the 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland. This year they’ve changed the way they create their Top Ten to reflect what we really want from a great restaurant. The food has to be outstanding of course, but so does the atmosphere, the service and the overall experience, and John and Sally’s list has some of the best night’s out you can experience in Ireland. I’m excited to add to my list of must-visit restaurants and I’m sure our readers are too.”



The complete list of the 100 Best Restaurants, can be found

here – – or pick up The Sunday Times on 26 March 2023