Singing enthusiasts and music lovers urged to warm up their vocal chords for National Singing Week running from 7th – 13th October

  • Singing and musical events happening in communities nationwide
  • Organised by Sing Ireland in association with Mental Health Ireland to encourage newcomers and remind everyone that singing contributes to physical, mental health and well-being

National Singing Week, hosted by Sing Ireland in association with Mental Health Ireland, will take place from October 7th to October 13th this year.

Sing Ireland develops, supports and promotes all forms of group singing across the island of Ireland and hundreds of singing events will be happening nationwide to mark National Singing Week and highlight the range of singing groups operating in various communities.

With studies[1] showing that singing as part of a group can provide a wide range of wellness and mental health benefits, such as improving breathing, posture and muscle tension as well as lessening stress and anxiety, now is the time to get involved with your local singing group!

Sing Ireland has over 300 member groups (representing tens of thousands of singers), including children’s choirs, workplace choirs, youth choirs, hospital and care home choirs, choir clubs, university choirs, church and cathedral choirs, choral societies, and choirs for those in older age or active retirement. Whether it’s singing popular hits, classical, jazz, Gregorian chant, hip-hop, gospel or folk – there is a group to suit everyone!

So, if you’ve always nurtured a desire to sing in a group or choir or just make contact with other singing enthusiasts and music-lovers in your locality, you’ll find the full list of events taking place in your local area for National Singing Week on

As group singing is scientifically proven to relieve anxiety and elevate endorphins, Sing Ireland is delighted to team up with Mental Health Ireland for National Singing Week 2019.

Singing has also been found to be particularly beneficial to people living with Dementia, as it evokes emotions and brings memories and can manage stress and stimulate positive interactions.

Dermot O’Callaghan, CEO of Sing Ireland, says: Anybody who sings in a choir will tell you that participating fully can bring huge rewards, both in the sense of wellbeing and joy evoked by singing, and in the pride of participation to the best of your ability. Group singing is like a team sport – your contribution is as important as that of every other singer in the ensemble.”

National Singing Week represents a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to get involved and try singing as a mood enhancer. There are events happening in all counties, from open rehearsals to community choir recitals. We even have pram jams where buggies and babies can bop along to the beat!”

“At Sing Ireland, we are looking forward to encouraging more people to get involved to experience the positive impact singing can have on their health and creativity. We encourage everyone to get involved and see what’s happening in their area during National Singing Week. Give it a try – it really is true that singing can change your life.”