Skin Cancer treatment and surgery now available to Irish Life Health patients at Affidea ExpressCare Clinic, Tallaght

  • Irish Life Health insured customers can now avail of a range of skin cancer procedures carried out by specialist consultants
  • This new service will deliver on offering fast access for necessary treatment

Skin cancer treatment and related reconstructive surgery will now be offered to Irish Life Health insured patients at Affidea ExpressCare Clinic in Tallaght, Dublin. This new service, which has been in planning for some time, has been accelerated to ensure that Irish Life Health customers have continued access to necessary treatments during the Covid 19 healthcare crisis. The first skin cancer procedure was carried out at the Affidea ExpressCare Clinic this week.

The Affidea ExpressCare Clinic in Tallaght will now act as a fully-approved treatment centre for patients who have had certain procedures cancelled or delayed due to Covid-19. This new service is performed safely under local anaesthetic at the Affidea minor procedure clinical facility and will cater to the majority of patients with skin cancer. 

Mr. Fuan Chan, MD FRCSI (PLAST), a fully accredited consultant plastic surgeon is

the clinical advisor for plastic surgery and dermatological service at Affidea. Hewelcomesthis new service as it will be a significant comfort to patients and their families who need access to treatment.  

“I’m delighted that we can continue to provide these vital surgeries thanks to Affidea and Irish Life Health. We are taking every precaution to reduce the spread of infection while ensuring each patient receives the safest care possible.”

Affidea Ireland, which was established here in 2007, is part of the European Group, Affidea, which has 280 advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care centres across 16 countries. Focused on providing high quality affordable care, the company sees over 7 million patients per year, performs over 14 million examinations annually and works with over 9,400 professionals, of which 3,000 are medical doctors.

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