Speed Fibre Group announces one office day per week for 200+ employees as part of post-covid hybrid working model

  • Employees at Enet, Airspeed Telecom and Magnet Networks in Limerick and Dublin can work up to four days remotely
  • Flexibility with start and finish working times also central to new hybrid working model
  • Organisation is the first SME in the Irish telecoms sector to announce hybrid working plans

Speed Fibre Group, the home of telecommunication businesses Enet, AirSpeed Telecom and Magnet Networks, has become the first SME telecom group in Ireland to announce its post-covid hybrid working policy – with just one mandatory in-office day required per week for staff, with the exception of those essential workers whose role requires full time attendance. The business, which has offices in Limerick and Dublin, has over 200 staff and the move means the team will be able to work from home for up to four days a week.

This new progressive approach has been informed by a detailed survey of the entire Speed Fibre Group community to ascertain their preferences for hybrid working. Flexibility, Connectivity and Collaboration were the main themes which emerged and led the change to implementing a new way of working. While all employees currently continue to work remotely under government guidelines, the new policy will come into effect pending further Irish government announcements over the next few months.

Team members will have the option to attend the office for more than one day if they desire, dependant on workstation availability and on relevant government guidance. They will also be able to choose when they start and finish their work day. If required, they can choose to begin work anytime between 8am and 9am from Monday to Thursday, and therefore finish earlier. On Fridays, team members can finish between 3pm and 3.30pm, depending on their start time that day.

Another significant element of Speed Fibre Group’s new hybrid working model is the support of the code of practice on the ‘Right to Disconnect’. All team members, including senior management and the Executive Leadership Team, are now encouraged to refrain from communications outside of office hours, including sending emails, instant messaging, mobile messaging, or telephone calls unless there is a significant business need or priority. This move, the business believes, will allow time to switch off and reconnect to personal and family time. 

Claire Murphy, Group General Counsel, Company Secretary and Head of Shared Services at Speed Fibre Group, says: “Throughout the pandemic, we experienced a strong performance from our team while working with a largely remote workforce. The structures we adopted during this time allowed us to maintain productivity and achieve our goals and our team demonstrated fantastic commitment and met the increased demands placed on them. As well as engaging in our day to day work, we also used our time during the first lockdown to strengthen the communication and collaboration between all departments by introducing cross functional huddles enabling all employees to meet with co-workers in an informal virtual setting twice a week.”

“As a result, we’re delighted to be in a position to continue offering remote working in the future. We have adopted a mindset and culture that ‘nothing stands in our way’, and this has resulted in a high-performance culture where teams are solution focused and extremely agile in meeting the needs of our customers.” 

“Equally important is the wellbeing of our team and a recognition that people who are rested and live full lives are happier and more productive at work. This initiative also lends itself to our commitment to supporting sustainable communities and reducing our carbon footprint. This is strategic priority not only for Speed Fibre Group but for our suppliers and our communities. The recognition by all stakeholders of our collective responsibility is evident and this played a significant part in our decision making on the model we are adopting.”