Tabú, a landmark series on the harsher aspects of Irish society, launches on TG4 in November

  • Tabú consists of hour long documentaries on Domestic Violence, Rural Decline, Medicinal Cannabis, Online Shaming, Sacrificial Sporting Injuries and Random Acts of Violence
  • Actor, presenter and 2FM DJ Eoghan McDermott to author an episode on Random Acts of Violence
  • First episode will be screened on TG4 on Wednesday November 7 at 9.30pm

Midas Productions, a leading factual television production company based in Dublin, has announced the launch of their new landmark series for TG4.

Tabú is a series of standalone hour-long documentaries which deals with topics from Random Acts of Violence to Online Shaming, from Rural Decline to Domestic Abuse.

Contributors discuss their experiences and explore how these events, beyond their own control, have changed their lives forever. As well as delving into the issues, the contributors attempt to understand what compels people to act in such ways.

These poignant, and often thought-provoking, films encourage the viewer to reflect on the subject matter and consider the effects on our society. Contributors include 2FM’s Eoghan McDermott, who himself was the victim of a Random Acts of Violence, Medicinal cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey and slam poet and blogger Ciara Ní É.

Episode 1: Foréigean Gan Choinne  / Random Acts of Violence

TX November 7, 2018

Eoghan McDermott goes on a journey based on personal experience to explore the increasingly prevalent and disturbing culture of random acts of violence in Ireland and the enduring effects they have on victims and their families. 

Episode 2: Bánú / Rural Decline 

TX November 14, 2018

This beautifully paced and insightful documentary is a tale of two villages; Ballylongford and Kiltyclogher are both battling for survival. One is trying to attract new residents to the village, while the other is falling into further decline. What can be done if anything to stop the growing phenomenon of rural decline?

Episode 3: Ag Teacht Slán / Domestic Violence

TX November 21, 2018

Unheard.  Unprotected.  Unspoken about. Until now. First hand testimonies form an up-close and personal account of domestic abuse and the realities of a life in an abusive relationship.

Episode 4: Cinneadh Cannabais / Medicinal Cannabis

TX November 28, 2018

As Ireland stands on the verge of easing access to medicinal cannabis – Dáire Ní Chanáin goes on a very personal and intimate journey to ask if cannabis could really be the new wonderdrug for treating so many illnesses and if CBD, a legal form of cannabis, can help treat her own depression and anxiety. Campaigners Vera Twomey and Noreen O’Neill also contribute to this show. 

Episode 5: Íobairt Imeartha / Sacrificial Sporting Injuries

TX December 5, 2018

In this revealing documentary, players and ex-players open up and show us what really happens when your body is in conflict with your passion for the game. Are players being swallowed up by the increased demands of modern day GAA?

Episode 6: Náire / Online Shaming

TX December 12, 2018

Náire is a documentary about what happens when someone becomes the target and victim of online shaming, and explores the devastating impact it can have on their lives. 

Náire rips off the social media plaster and gets under the skin of online shaming, by exposing real life stories, to reveal the true consequences of this ever increasing shame and blame phenomenon in Ireland today.

From the days of shackling in stocks to sniping in schoolyards, shaming has transcended eras and generations. Today, however, shaming is more democratic and underhanded. All you need is a keyboard and a few online trolls, and the impact for those targeted can be devastating.

The series Tabú has been produced as part of a output deal agreed by Midas Productions and TG4 earlier this year.


Eoghan McDermott, Presenter of ‘Foréigean Gan Choinne’, says:

“This topic is really close to my heart, particularly as I have suffered as the result of this type of unprovoked attack. We need to look at what’s going on in Irish society which allows people to act this way, for no reason and without consequences.”


Stephen Smith, Series Producer of Tabú, says:

“Midas Productions are delighted to be working with TG4 on a long-term basis and we’re very proud that Tabú is the first production of our collaboration. The series’ contributors have opened up on camera and shared their experiences with the audience in a very honest and authentic way and we would hope it encourages broader conversations across the country.”


Midas Productions, a leading factual television production company based in Dublin, is dedicated to creating thought-provoking, entertaining, challenging and informative television programming. Past productions have included 13,000,000,000 miles from Birr (RTÉ), Asking For It (RTÉ2), Fir Marú agus Grá (TG4), and The Joy (TV3).