The Shelter: Animal SOS

Episodes 3 and 4 sees the DSPCA tend to Trigger, a dog with a head injury, an injured fawn has emergency treatment while a terrapin is rescued from Dublin’s Grand Canal

  • Each episode offers an up close and personal look at the work of the DSPCA including the dedicated work of the veterinary team who fight to save the lives of the many domestic and wildlife animals that need their help every day

The Shelter: Animal SOS is a new series on RTÉ One that offers a behind the scenes look at the work conducted every day by the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA), Ireland’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation. The programme is being aired in partnership with Purina PRO PLAN – who are dedicated to the health and well-being of pets through premium nutrition.

The six-part series, filmed at the 32-acre DSPCA facility in the Dublin mountains over the course of a year, shares the trials and triumphs of a dedicated team of care-staff, vets and volunteers as they fight to save the lives of the many animals that need their help.

The series features a huge variety of animals – from cats and dogs to birds and ponies – and provides a unique perspective on the incredible work undertaken by the DSPCA team.

The Shelter: Animal SOS

Episode 3:

TX 7th May, 2021

Elise treats Trigger, a dog with a head injury and an injured kitten called Hero, who had tried to get across a busy dual carriageway.

Maria the pregnant Chihuahua goes out to a foster home to give birth.

An injured fawn is given emergency treatment.

The Shelter: Animal SOS

Episode 4:

TX 14th May, 2021

Ireland international rugby player and full time Vet Elise makes use of her sporting skills as she tries to round up a goat for treatment.

A surrendered terrier takes an emotional toll on Tanya.

Elise and Mandy treat a terrapin that was dumped in Dublin’s Grand Canal.

Cattery care staff member Colm looks after a lost hairless cat called Fluffy.

The DSPCA, which marked its 180th anniversary in 2020, is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare and the protection and rehabilitation of sick, abused or neglected animals, and the organization says that the the television series will give the public a realistic behind the scenes look at the great work they do to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 2,500 animals every year.

The series has been produced as part of a partnership agreed between DSPCA, Purina PetCare and RTÉ earlier this year.

Elise O’Byrne White, Veterinary Surgeon at the DSPCA, said: “I volunteered here and I loved it so much I now work here! It’s a really unique place to work. I don’t think there’s anything else like it in private practice because we see so much here, including all sorts of cases involving cruelty and welfare. It’s also a great place to work in terms of the team. We’ve a great veterinary team and then when you look beyond that – we have a cattery, treatment facility and all of these places filled with caring, kind and fun people who are all trying to do the same thing as you. It’s such a great pleasure to be able to come into work every day and work with that team.”

Ben Warner from Purina PetCare added: “Purina is proud to have partnered with the DSPCA for over 15 years. The Shelter: Animal SOS shines a spotlight on the essential work we know their tireless team undertakes every single day. Our Purina PRO PLAN – which uses the power of science and high-quality ingredients to develop a superior range of products – really supports this work. Every cat and dog cared for by the DSPCA is provided with Purina PRO PLAN all year round, which support’s their development and rehabilitation.”

The DSPCA, a registered charity, is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare and the protection and rehabilitation of sick, abused or neglected animals. Located on a 32-acre site in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, the DSPCA campus offers shelter and care to a wide variety of animals. In fact, the organisation rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes over 2,500 animals each year – domestic and wildlife.

The DSPCA has a dedicated and trained force of Animal Welfare Inspectors to investigate complaints of cruelty and neglect, to provide guidance and education to animal owners, initiate prosecutions for offences and attend to sick and injured stray animals or those which have been abandoned.

The DSPCA Vet Team works seven days a week providing critical care, carrying out lifesaving surgeries and performing over 3,000 neuter/spay operations annually. They also provide ongoing care and veterinary support to over 300 animals in the DSPCA Foster Programme.

The DSPCA also works closely with the Irish Government to keep legislation updated and implemented to further improve the lives of all animals. Founded in 1840, the DSPCA is Ireland’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation.

The Shelter: Animal SOS airs on Fridays at 8:30pm on RTÉ One and is available to watch on RTÉ Player