The Sunday Times supports SME’s with two-part supplement featuring insights into how the sector is responding to the pandemic

  • SME supplement will feature business news, insights, trends, tips and advice on topics such as finance and liquidity, selling online and HR

The Sunday Times is supporting Irish SMEs through the pandemic by creating a special two-part broadsheet supplement featuring insights into how small and medium sized businesses are responding to the pandemic, along with a range of tips and advice. The first supplement will appear this Sunday, September 20th followed by the second edition on Sunday 4th October.

Working in conjunction with Ireland Together, a non-profit group of professionals and entrepreneurs, the Sunday Times SME supplement will include business news and a range of Irish focused insights and trends, including:

  • Feeling the pain: Insights from some of Ireland’s professional services firms into how companies have, and should have, reacted to date and what they see happening going forward
  • Selling in a post-Covid world
  • Battling Zoom Fatigue
  • Finance and Liquidity – experts outline how best to engage in financial planning for the year ahead and how SMEs without a lender relationship can access finance.
  • How to navigate and support your staff through a pandemic – even when you don’t have a HR department
  • Taking your business online
  • Government Incentives – Details on the government’s new fund for low-interest loans to SMEs, how can you avail of this and other initiatives available from Government

Linda Daly, Editor of The Sunday Times SME Supplement, says:The small and medium business sector is the backbone of Ireland. Unfortunately, it is also the sector most at risk from the Coronavirus fallout. While large firms and corporations can absorb the financial shock of the lockdown, some of the smaller, more unique businesses with a more modest footprint are the ones that will suffer most. Ironically, these are often the outfits with the most interesting backstories and in order to continue fulfilling unique local needs, small businesses need support. Our supplement is designed to help SMEs weather this storm of uncertainty.”