The Sunday Times unveils new monthly ‘Climate’ supplement to highlight environmental issues at the heart of today’s society

  • Supplement will feature recycling tips, eco business tips, an international news section and a children’s section

The Sunday Times is launching a monthly environmental supplement to support climate change initiatives in Ireland and around the world. Entitled ‘Climate’, the aim of the monthly supplement is to encourage the adoption of sustainable behaviours and consumption patterns.

As well as featuring a range of content aimed at both adults and children, the supplement will also offer an in-depth insight into the impact of the existing political atmosphere on the global environmental agenda.

The first ‘Climate’ supplement will appear this Sunday, November 8th and will include sections on:

  • What businesses are doing to make an impact
  • Small changes that are positively affecting the environment
  • Recycling tips
  • International news section
  • Eco-explainers
  • Range of child-friendly content

Linda Daly, editor of The Sunday Times Climate Supplement, says:Covid has pushed environmental issues off the front pages for the moment. However, the discourse on how to share the

world’s natural resources in an equitable and sustainable way has never been more pressing.

“At this precise moment, we are uniquely placed to launch a monthly environmental supplement that gathers relevant stories, news and events from Ireland and around the world and disseminates them to Sunday Times readers, who have a growing concern for the type of planet we want to live in and the one we are going to leave behind for future generations. The aim of this supplement is to encourage the changes in attitudes and behaviour needed to address the causes of climate change.”