Two thirds of World Cup followers say the tournament is just not the same without Ireland playing

  • One in four Irish World Cup followers want England to win the tournament


  • A third of us will place a bet at some stage during the tournament


  • In the Messi V Ronaldo battle, Ireland is a nation of Messi supporters!


A quarter of Irish World Cup followers say they would like to see England win the tournament, according to a new survey conducted by Core Research and Core Sponsorship to find out who the nation is supporting given the absence of the Irish team playing.

Nearly two thirds (63%) say the tournament is not the same without Ireland playing, but this doesn’t stop them supporting other teams. 17% say they are supporting England, with 16% opting for Brazil. One in three Irish people say they will support teams with Premier League players in their team. 50% of Irish adults say they will watch the World Cup, while 26% say they will try to watch all the matches, no matter who is playing!

In the battle of Messi V Ronaldo, we’re a nation of Messi supporters with 38% of Irish people saying that they would prefer to see Messi lift the trophy. 24% would like to see Ronaldo win, while 16% said both and 22% neither.

When it comes to getting into the party spirit, 75% of fans say they will buy food and drink during the tournament, while 60% will purchase alcohol. Over a third will place a bet at some stage during the tournament, while one in five supporters say they purchase TV or Audio equipment at some point to enjoy the sporting event.

The host nation – Russia – comes in for some criticism from Irish supporters. 44% say they dislike the fact that the World Cup is being hosted in Russia, while 42% say they won’t be supporting Russia because of the recent negative news stories about the country. A separate study conducted by Core Research – the Core Research Cultural Index – showed that 82% were aware of Russian players allowed to participate in the 2016 Olympics, while 79% were aware that a Russian opposition leader was shot dead in 2015. Irish people also believe it was significant that Russian diplomats were expelled from Ireland following a nerve agent attack in England.

Coca-Cola comes out as the top brand that followers were able to correctly identify as a sponsor of the tournament, with 82% doing so. This was followed by Visa (73%) and Adidas (70%). Three in five falsely identified Mastercard, Nike and Heineken as official world cup sponsors.

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