Webdoctor.ie reveals a 50% increase in demand for GP video consultation service in 2022

As the demand for telehealth services continues to rise, Webdoctor.ie announce their most requested treatments of 2022 included the Contraceptive Pill and Patch, Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction


  • The Contraceptive Pill and Patch was the most requested treatment in Webdoctor.ie last year, accounting for over 30% of treatments
  • New ‘Period Delay’ treatment grew exponentially by over 200% in 2022
  • 80% of males seeking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction were aged 35+
  • 90% of patients using weight management services were women, with 70% between the ages of 25-34


Webdoctor.ie Ireland’s award-winning online GP service, announced the demand for their video consultation service increased by 50% in 2022 after a particularly strong last quarter with a total revenue increase of over 40% year-on-year.


The Contraceptive Pill and Patch, Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction were the most requested treatments of 2022 by Webdoctor.ie patients, while the organisation’s new treatment for Period Delay was also in high demand, achieving a growth increase of over 200%.


The Irish owned health technology platform also revealed that the most requested treatments for female patients in 2022 were for the Contraceptive Pill and Patch, Period Delay and Cystitis (also known as a Urinary Tract Infection) while the most requested treatments for male patients were for Hair Loss, Erectile Dysfunction and interestingly, Asthma.


The most common treatments for female Webdoctor.ie patients last year include:


Contraceptive Pill and Patch

Of those who had a contraceptive pill or patch related consultation, 79% were aged 18-35, with the majority being Dublin based. There was an 18% increase in the percentage of women between the ages of 35-44 availing of this treatment in 2022 in comparison to 2021.


Period Delay

Period Delay, a new treatment provided by Webdoctor.ie, saw a 200%+ increase in usage throughout 2022. 69% of those being prescribed the treatment are Leinster based, with a majority (74%) between the ages of 25-44.


Cystitis (Urinary Tract Infection)

2022 saw a rise in patients seeking treatment for Cystitis. This treatment was in demand by females of all ages:

  • 22% of those availing of treatment aged 18-24
  • 43% were aged 25-34
  • 21% were aged 35-44
  • 14% were aged 45+

Weight Management

The majority (90%) of those who sought advice and treatment from Webdoctor.ie’s weight management clinic were female. Webdoctor.ie has recently added this service which is only suitable for patients that are diagnosed as medically obese. This treatment was availed of by patients across the country, with 38% based in Dublin, almost one third (32%) based across the rest of Leinster and 18% being Munster based.


The most common treatments for male Webdoctor.ie patients last year include:


Hair Loss

Treatment for Hair Loss was availed of by male Webdoctor.ie patients only, with almost a quarter (72%) of those aged between 25-44. Since 2020, hair loss treatment has accounted for over 10% of Webdoctor.ie’s revenue, making it the third most popular service provided by the telehealth provider.


Erectile Dysfunction

Similarly to 2021, the statistics revealed that treatment for Erectile Dysfunction remains as one of the top treatments for male Webdoctor.ie patients in 2022, with half of those aged 45 and over and a further 30% aged between 45-54. These statistics show that despite any apparent stigma or embarrassment associated with sexual health concerns, patients are comfortable using an online GP for a consultation about Erectile Dysfunction.



Asthma related consultations were common across all age demographics, however, those aged 25-44 account for 69% of these.


Commenting on these findings, David Crimmins, CEO of Webdoctor.ie says:

It’s clear from the increase in demand for our video consultation services at Webdoctor.ie last year that the future of telehealth is strong and the need for our services looks like it will continue to grow – particularly as a support to brick and mortar clinics as online healthcare providers can really help ease the pressure on in person GPs during busy periods.


The statistics also show that patients are comfortable using online GP services now for all kinds of health and medical issues, which is great to see. We always want to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our patients which is why we’ve introduced a range of new services over the last year such as our Weight Management Clinic and new treatment for Period Delay, with more launching in the coming months”.


Webdoctor.ie, part of Medihive, is an Irish-based health technology platform founded by healthcare and IT professionals who have conducted over 250,000 consultations since the business was founded in 2014. The organisation helps Irish consumers who want to access medical assistance at a time that suits them by providing a user-friendly digital service that saves time & money, unlike traditional bricks ‘n’ mortar doctors who are often inaccessible and costly. With 40+ Irish Medical Council registered doctors on its team, patients can avail of same or next-day appointments on Webdoctor.ie. The company recently received an official CE mark, making them one of the only certified telehealth providers in Ireland able to market their products and services in the EU. The company was also featured in the most recent Deloitte Fast 50 Technology Awards.


For more information or to avail of their service – visit www.webdoctor.ie – or follow Webdoctor.ie on Instagram @webdoctor.ie , LinkedIn WebDoctor.ie , or Twitter @WebDoctor.i.e.