Core and Saturday Films celebrate 50 years of positive global impact in the new Trócaire One Day Campaign.

For over fifty years, Trócaire have been working with supporters, partners, and communities to create positive and lasting change. To commemorate the occasion, Core and Saturday Films have launched a new ‘One Day’ campaign on behalf of Trócaire.

Link to new campaign (TVC and image stills):

The campaign conceived by Core and developed alongside Saturday Films highlights some of the human stories behind these “One Days,” days when Trócaire have helped achieve positive lasting change in more than 27 countries around the world over the past five decades.

These include the day that the women of Sierra Leone won the right to own their land, the day that over 1,400 Kenyan farmers gained access to running water for the first time and the day that Apartheid was finally ended in South Africa.

Susan Kelly, Strategic Director at Core, highlights the campaign’s theme, stating that:

“For many of us, the day when we finally overcome the problems of poverty and inequality seems like it will never come. This campaign shows how Trócaire have helped make those long hoped-for “One Days” happen… and continue to happen… for more than fifty years.”

Karen Smyth, Head of Brand at Trócaire, emphasises the importance of highlighting the extraordinary human impact made by the Irish public through their support of Trócaire:

“In this campaign we have shown what we can achieve when we work together. It is a testament to the support of the Irish people and the tireless efforts of our partners overseas that we have managed to achieve so much over the past fifty years.”


Link to new campaign (TVC and image stills):

At the heart of the One Day campaign are a series of powerful films for TV, cinema and social created by Core and Saturday Films to demonstrate the impact of this work on the lives of individuals around the world.

These highly charged emotional spots were co-directed by Mike Garner and Gary Moore. Utilising archive footage and images from Thailand to Guatemala as well as shooting new material with local photographers and film makers in Sierra Leone, Somalia, Kenya, and South Africa, the work show the scale of positive change that has been achieved over the past fifty years.

Viewers can learn more about these remarkable stories at

The media campaign was developed by Zenith, part of Core and will run across TV, VOD, cinema, an Irish Times partnership and social across July and August



Director of Ireland Programmes: Gwen Dempsey

Head of Brand: Karen Smyth

Brand Manager: Michael Cummins

Interim Head of Communications: Niamh Mc Cathy

Communications Officer: Catherine Devine

Digital Communications Manager: Karen Mc Hugh


Client Partner: Jonny Boyle

Senior Client Manager: Sophie Burke

Client Manager: Hannah Finnegan

Strategy: Susan Kelly

Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski

Creative Director: Mike Garner

Senior Art Director: Nadia Karim.

Senior Copywriter: Conor McDevitt.

Media: Phoebe Laing, Shane Costello, Donal Loughlin and Lucy Slevin

Production: Saturday Films

Directors: Gary Moore and Mike Garner

Producer: Gary Moore

DOPs: Adam Asmal, Grant Atkinson, Seye Olusoji, Mackin Barassa Wafulu

Stills: Gary Moore, Muiru Mbuthia, Brid Dunne, Simone Dalmasso

Archive: Pamela Yates, Garry Walsh, CNN, Elena Hermosa

Post Production

Editor: Anna Heisterkamp

Grade: Gary Curran, Outer Limits

Online: Arnaud Rigaud, Rory Gavin, Outer Limits

Composer: Steve Lynch, Stellar Sound

Soundmix: Liam Yelen, Screen Scene

VO: Donna Nikolaisen



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