Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, Nostra, Vodafone Ireland, Bathrooms 4U in Kerry and The Law Society of Ireland feature in 2024 Best Places to Work awards compiled by The Sunday Times

WorkL survey reveals that Gen Z workers, who are the least happy age group in the UK, are the second happiest in Ireland


  • The Sunday Times Best Places to Work awards features 35 organisations nationwide where employees feel happy and motivated


  • Dedicated eight page supplement with complete list of Best Places to Work will be in this weekend’s Sunday Times on Sunday 14th July

The Sunday Times, Ireland’s leading quality Sunday news brand, in partnership with WorkL, the employee experience platform, have today unveiled Ireland’s top employers in their inaugural Best Places to Work list for 2024.


Launched to recognise and celebrate the very best places to work in Ireland, ‘The Sunday Times Best Places to Work’ is an eight page supplement highlighting 35 employers across the country, including Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, Nostra, Vodafone Ireland, bathroom renovations company Bathrooms 4U in Kerry and The Law Society of Ireland, that recruit and retain top talent along with industry-leading best practices in areas such as engagement, wellbeing and job satisfaction.


The Sunday Times Best Places to Work survey uses 26 questions from WorkL’s employee engagement survey, developed by behavioural scientists, data analysts, psychologists, business leaders, academics and other independent parties to most accurately monitor employee engagement, wellbeing and discretionary effort in the workplace. To be successfully accredited as a Sunday Times Best Place to Work, organisations must achieve a minimum 70% overall engagement score across WorkL’s six-set framework.


The survey also revealed that of those companies that entered, there is no one area where Ireland scores lower than the UK across all demographics. Further data showed that Gen Z workers, who are the least happy age group in the UK, are the second happiest in Ireland.


The Sunday Times Best Places to Work initiative aims to highlight businesses where individuals feel they have more control over their work life balance, wellbeing and environment and, as a result of this, take more responsibility for the success of their employer.


Entries are now open for The Sunday Times Best Places to Work Awards for 2025. Companies can enter through the WorkL for business platform where organisations can set up and distribute a survey designed by employee experience experts. The survey includes key questions which will give an insight into the organisation and employee sentiment. The link is:


Brian Carey, Business Editor of The Sunday Times, says:

“Over recent years the country has enjoyed near full employment, creating a competitive market for recruiters and an environment where talent retention is at a premium. A happy workforce creates a stable workplace. The Sunday Times is proud to bring the Best Places to Work survey awards to Ireland, to sponsor an initiative that drives and recognises good practice, helps organisations develop their culture and identity and promotes employee welfare and ultimately economic success. Our inaugural list reflects the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit of Ireland. To be a success on the international stage, Ireland must offer the Best Places to Work. This is a very good start.”


Mark Price, Founder of WorkL, says:

“Staff working for the Best Places to Work represent a much lower flight risk, which is good news for their chief executives and finance directors, as recruiting and training staff is costly and time consuming, not to mention that with almost full employment in Ireland competition for talent is fierce.


So why are Irish staff happier? I would probably say that managers are taking more interest in their people, their wellbeing, they are looking after their people better. The best employers acknowledge their employees’ personal and professional needs, from family friendly working policies to training and creating a positive environment to work in. Everybody wins when employers invest in their staff.”



The dedicated eight page supplement with the complete list of Ireland’s Best Places to Work

will be in The Sunday Times on Sunday 14th July or can be found here –


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Advertising Standards Authority releases latest Complaints Bulletin

  • 18 advertisements across Radio, Print, Online, Social Media, Television, Outdoor and Direct Mail were found to be in breach of the Advertising Standards Authority Code on grounds related to a range of issues including Misleading, Substantiation, Health and Beauty, Alcoholic Drinks, Environmental Claims and Promotional Marketing


  • One Intra-industry / Interested Party complaint was upheld, while one was upheld in part


  • In one case the Complaints Committee issued a Statement



The Advertising Standards Authority independent Complaints Committee has released its latest Complaints Bulletin, which contains 21 case reports on complaints recently investigated by the organisation.

17 of the 21 cases were upheld in full and one of the 21 cases was upheld in part. Advertisements across Radio, Print, Online, Social Media, Television, Outdoor and Direct Mail were found to be in breach of the Advertising Standards Authority Code on grounds related to Misleading, Substantiation, Health and Beauty, Alcoholic Drinks, Environmental Claims and Promotional Marketing. The Advertising Standards Authority received two Intra-industry / Interested Party complaints; one was upheld in full while the other was upheld in part.  One case resulted in a Statement being issued with advice for future advertising.


The Complaints Committee is a completely independent arm of the Advertising Standards Authority  and is responsible for considering and adjudicating on complaints submitted by the public, by an organisation, by a Government Department, or any other person or body. The Committee is made up of a range of experts from the advertising, media, education, consumer, and marketing sectors. See further details here –


Commenting on the latest Advertising Standards Authority rulings, Orla Twomey, Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority, stated:


“The variety of advertisements in the latest complaints bulletin from the Advertising Standards Authority highlights the crucial role the organisation plays in the Irish advertising industry. Our goal is to ensure advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful– fostering trust in advertising for all.


The industry’s commitment to maintaining high standards and responsible advertising is demonstrated by the high compliance rate with the Advertising Standards Authority’s decisions and requests for ad amendments where appropriate.


We provide a free and confidential copy advice service to advertisers so they can create responsible ads that adhere to the advertising code. If advertisers or agencies have any concerns about an advertisement or marketing communications’ compliance with the code, they can contact us to avail of that service.”


Below is a list of 18 advertisements that have been found to be in breach of the Advertising Standards Authority Code:


Advertiser Medium Complaint Category Description Complaint Status Section Breached Link








Misleading / Environmental


A radio advertisement featured a voice over detailing the story of a boiler breaking and a call being placed to a plumber to fix the heating. The advertisement then claimed “Firebird boilers are environmentally friendly as

they are HVO-ready.


Four complaints were received against the advertisement.


The complainants objected to the claim that the boiler was “environmentally friendly” on the basis that it could theoretically be fuelled by HVO in the future. The complainants said that although it could be considered to be potentially more efficient and burn less CO2 that other boilers on the market, it still burned oil itself and therefore could not be deemed to be environmentally friendly.







4.1, 4.4 and 15.02



Online (Advertiser’s Own Website)





An advertisement for a property for sale within the Glasnevin area of Dublin stated the property was a 28-minute walk from Dublin city centre.


The complainant considered the advertisement to be misleading and objected to the claim that the property was a 28-minute walk to the city centre. Using the Spire to denote the location of Dublin city centre, the complainant said the property was a 50-minute walk from Dublin city centre and 4.1km away from the Spire.







4.1, 4.4, 4.9 and 4.10

Zalando Online (Advertiser’s Own Website) Misleading / Promotional Marketing  

An advertisement for a 20% one day only discount code was seen on the advertiser’s own website displaying a pair of branded jeans for sale.


When the complainant added the jeans to their virtual basket and attempted to use the discount code advertised, an error message detailed they needed to add an additional €41 worth of items to their basket to avail of the discount code, as the minimum value to use the code was €140.


The complainant detailed that when accessing the product page on their mobile phone, no information or condition about lowest order value was visible. Furthermore, when the complainant made up the required value in their basket with other items, another error message appeared stating the discount code can only be used on the advertiser’s own products and not branded items.


Upheld 4.01, 4.04, 4.06, 5.05, 5.15 and 5.16
Homeworld Online (Influencer’s Social Media Account)  

General Rules / Misleading / Promotional Marketing



The advertisement on the influencer’s Instagram profile promoted a competition between themself the advertisers.


The advertisement featured an image of the influencer sitting on a couch with text explaining the winner of the competition would receive a couch and a €1,000 voucher to spend at the advertisers’ premises.


The text also explained that to partake, competitors had to tag three friends, follow the advertisers’ Instagram account as well as two accounts belonging to the influencer, and share the competition on their own Instagram story. The winner was to be picked the next Wednesday at 7pm.


The complainant believed the advertisement to be misleading as the competition description stated the competitor had to follow the three listed Instagram accounts to enter. However, in a comment underneath the post, the influencer said that competitors only had to follow two accounts to enter. Furthermore, the influencer did not announce the winner on Wednesday evening.


Upheld 3.10, 4.01, 4.04, 5.05, and 5.32
The Newpark Hotel  

Online (Advertiser’s Own Social Media Account)

General Rules / Alcoholic Drinks  

The advertiser’s Instagram post invited customers to “Enjoy your cocktail of choice on our beautiful blossoming outdoor terrace with friends and family”.


The complainant said the advertisement had not included a responsibility message to drink alcohol responsibly.


Upheld 9.4
Leinster Senior College Online (Advertiser’s Own Social Media Account) Misleading  

An advertisement was posted on Facebook inviting people to enrol for the next academic year. The advertisement included a number of claims such as “You’ll be guided by Ireland’s best teachers.”


The complainant considered the advertisement misleading as the claim of having “Ireland’s Best Teachers” was unsubstantiated, misleading and couldn’t be quantified.


Upheld 4.01, 4.04, 4.09, 4.10, 4.31, 4.32 and 4.33
Jesters Group (Jesters Casino)  


Outdoor (Poster) and Online (Advertiser’s Own Social Media Account)

General / Gambling  

A poster advertisement was seen on Dublin Bus and a digital version was seen on the advertiser’s Facebook page.


The advertisement depicted an animated image of Santa Claus at a slot machine in a casino, with large writing in the form of a Christmas wreath stating “Even Santa Stops Here – Tallaght, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin City”. Alongside the brand logo, further text invited consumers to “Play Online” with a link to the advertiser’s website.


Two complaints were received against the advertisement.


The complaints said that featuring a character that was of particular appeal to children could suggest to children that it was permissible for them to gamble because Santa does.


Upheld 10.17(a) and (b)
The AA Ireland Online (Advertiser’s Own Website) Misleading  

An advertisement on the advertiser’s website in relation to windscreen cover stated: ‘We provide unlimited windscreen cover, where we will pay the cost of replacing or repairing broken or damaged windscreens and windows.”.


The complainant said that the advertisement was misleading as it stated that “unlimited” windscreen cover was being provided. Upon checking their motor policy document, it appeared that the cover would not be provided for any more than two claims.


Upheld 4.1, 4.4 and 4.6

Eir Online and Direct Mail Misleading  

An advertisement for a bundle card appeared on the advertiser’s website and direct mail advertised fibre broadband plans.


Both advertisements featured a series of prices for contracts of 12 and 24 months.


Below both advertisements, it stated that the monthly price of the plans would increase from April of each year in line with the Consumer Price Index, plus an additional 3% increase.


There were two complaints concerning the internet advertisement and one regarding the direct mail advertisement.


The complainants contended that the monthly prices advertised were misleading as they would change in April of each year in line with the CPI, along with an additional 3% increase.


The complainants said it was therefore not possible to pay the quoted price each month for the full 12 or 24 months.


Upheld 4.1 and 4.22

Musgrave Group – Centra Radio General Rules / Misleading  

A radio advertisement featured various offers at Centra, including alcohol, and stated “Enjoy alcohol sensibly”.


The complainant believed that the advertisement was not prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers as the responsibility message regarding alcohol was said too fast to be understood.


Upheld 3.3, 4.6 and 9.4  

Airport Driving School Online (Advertiser’s Own Website) Misleading  

An advertisement on the ‘About Us’ page of the advertiser’s own website claimed that they operated “the most modern fleet of vehicles in Europe”.


The complainant considered the advertisement to be misleading as they said the claim is an unsubstantiated, superlative claim and therefore in breach of the Code.



4.01, 4.04, 4.09, 4.10, 4.32 and 4.33

Forged Irish Stout Distribution


Online (Advertiser’s Own Social Media)


General Rules / Alcoholic Drinks


An advertisement in the form of an Instagram reel featured advertiser’s own social media. It depicted a group of female models wearing two-piece outfits – a crop top and high-leg hotpants – posing around a vehicle drinking pints of Forged Stout. The advertisement also featured a person dressed as a life-sized Forged Stout can.


The complainant said the advertisement contained sexualised content which made a link between alcohol and sexual relations / performance.


Upheld 3.03 and 9.05(c)
Raslim Ltd t/a Feelfree  

Online (Advertiser’s Own Website and Social Media)

Health and Beauty  

On the advertiser’s website under ‘Benefits of our CBD products’, there were several claims including “helps anxiety and depression” and “reduces pain and inflammation”.


The advertiser’s social media featured two posts to promote their CBD products with a number of claims including “maintain a healthy bedtime routine. 7-9 hours sleep each night and a few sprays of our Rest oil will help you to wake up feeling refreshed”  and  “depression and anxiety disorders are common mental health conditions that can have lasting effects on a person’s health, social life, ability to work, and overall well-being. CBD can have a positive interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain”.


The complainant challenged that health claims were made without substantiated evidence in relation to the products.


Upheld 11.1

Bord Bia  

Online (Advertiser’s Own Social Media)


A post and video appeared on the advertiser’s X (Twitter) account for World Milk Day. The post stated Irish dairy is “produced in the traditional way. It’s sustainable, natural and nutritious of course”.


The video in the post featured scenes of agricultural land, a farmer in a field examining grass and dairy products.


The video voiceover repeated the claims made in the social media post.


Four complaints were made against the advertisement.


Issue 1:


The complainants considered the claim around the sustainability of Irish dairy was misleading as there was no evidence-based study to substantiate the claim, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), agriculture was Ireland’s biggest polluter.


One complainant said dairy farming accounted for 35% of Ireland’s CHG emissions and was the single largest source of Water Framework Directive (WFD) surface water pressures in Ireland.


Issue 2:

Complainants considered the claim that dairy was produced in a traditional way was misleading as traditional farming methods did not cover large-scale farming in Ireland. They said the advertisement relied on stereotypes of “traditional” farming and misled consumers into thinking farming had few to no detrimental environmental effects.









Issue 1: Upheld

Issue 2:

Not Upheld









4.1, 4.4, 4.9, 4.10, 15.2, 15.5 and 15.6

Bourke Builders Online (Third Party Website) Misleading  

An advertisement for a commercial property appeared on a third party property website detailing the location, rent and size of the unit, alongside a name, phone number, and location map of the property and facilities on site.


The complainant was a business looking for a commercial premises like that advertised, however, when they went to view the premises, they could not locate it. When they contacted their local Chamber of Commerce for assistance, they were informed the advertised property did not exist.


Upheld 4.1 and 4.4

National Dairy Council Television Misleading / Environmental  

A television advertisement featured a female rugby player speaking about Irish grass and dairy. The advertisement included a number of statements such as “Rich green grass lies at the heart of our naturally nutritious, sustainably produced milk.”


Three complaints were made against the advertisement.


The complainants said it was misleading and  ‘greenwashing’ to claim milk is sustainably produced due to the impact of the dairy industry on the environment. The complainants said that Irish agriculture was the single biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland and caused the greatest amount of biodiversity loss due to the national herd and the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers. They referred to the EU Joint Research Centre’s report from 2010 which stated that Ireland had the fourth highest CO2 emissions in the EU for milk production.


Another complainant said that while dairy production in Ireland may be more sustainable than other countries, it was misleading to say it’s sustainable in Ireland given that the Climate Action Plan requires farming emissions to be reduced by 25%.


Upheld 4.1, 4.4, 4.9, 4.10, 15.2, 15.5 and 15.6

UrbanVolt Radio Misleading / Environmental  

A radio advertisement from UrbanVolt featured a number of statements around solar energy including reference to solar technology being “the most reliable form of clean energy”.


The complainant challenged the claim that solar energy was the “most reliable form of clean energy”, citing the US Department of Energy who stated that solar energy has a lower capacity factor than wind, hydro, geothermal and nuclear, and is therefore not the most reliable form of clean energy, making the claim in the advertisement misleading.


Upheld 4.1, 4.4, 4.9, 4.10, 15.2 and 15.5 Online (Advertiser’s Own Website) General / Misleading  

The advertisement showcased a house for sale on the advertiser’s website, stating it had three bedrooms and one bathroom.


The complainant considered the advertisement misleading as two of the bedrooms did not meet the criteria to be classified as such, lacking the required two means of escape, such as a door and a window. They also noted that advertisers removed the floorplan from the website so that potential buyers would not see that two of the rooms didn’t have windows until visiting the property.


Upheld 4.01, 4.04, 4.09 and 4.10


The Advertising Standards Authority received two complaints from an Intra-industry or Interested Party, one was upheld in full while the other was upheld in part:


Advertiser Medium Complaint Category Description Complaint Status Section Breached Link

Finders International


Print (Magazines)


General / Misleading


Advertisements in legal magazines referred to Finders International being “Regulated by the IAPPR – The Probate Research Regulator”.


One complaint was made by an interested party.


The complainant said mention of the IAPPR was misleading to both professionals and consumers as there was no probate research regulator in existence. They claim that the founder of Finders International had set up the IAPPR organisation, and by claiming their own organisation was regulated by them, it gave the impression they were regulated by a separate entity. They said use of this statement implied the advertisers were more reputable than their competitors and therefore, put others at a disadvantage.

The complainant also said they had been asked by their clients who had read the statement if they were also regulated by the IAPPR as they had considered the organisation to be an official regulator.




4.1 and 4.4



Psychiatric Service Dog Association (Support Dog UK & EU) Online (Company Website) Misleading  

The homepage of the advertiser’s website included a company logo with “Support Dog UK & EU” beside the image.


The page also featured text including “Register with the ONLY Psychiatric Assistance Dog & Support Dogs Registry in the UK and EU”, along with a section on training and registration benefits. On the top of this section, there were more details around the ‘Certified Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training Course’ which stated “195,125 Users Enrolled”.


A complaint was received from an interested party who raised three issues.


Issue 1:

The complainant considered that the logo used on the website was a reimaging of their own logo, and that the name ‘Support Dog UK & EU’ was similar to their own and would cause confusion among consumers.


Issue 2:

The complainant considered the claim “Register with the ONLY Psychiatric Assistance Dog & Support Dogs Registry in the UK and EU” to be misleading as there is no official or legal register of assistance dogs in the UK, and that the Equity Act of 2010 does not require an owner to legally register their dog with any organisation. The complainant also said that the advertisement resulted in members of the public believing they needed to register their dogs.


Issue 3:

The complainant considered the reference to 195,000 users to be misleading as they did not believe the figure could be evidenced.



Issues 1 and 3:

Not Upheld


Issue 2:




The Advertising Standards Authority chose to issue a statement in the following case:


Advertiser Medium Complaint Category Description Complaint Status Section Breached Link
Hyundai Radio Misleading / Substantiation  

A radio advertisement stated: “Hyundai is the best-selling electric car brand in January 2023”.


The complainant said that they felt it was misleading for the advertiser to state they were an “electric car brand” as they also manufacture petrol and diesel cars.


Statement Issued N/A


The Advertising Standards Authority conducts ongoing monitoring of advertising across all media and since 2007, has examined over 27,000 advertisements, with an overall compliance rate of 98 percent. The Advertising Standards Authority Monitoring Service monitors compliance with the Complaints Committee’s adjudications.


Media are reminded that advertisements found to be in breach of the Code cannot be accepted for publication.


Visit to learn more


To keep up to date on Advertising Standards Authority activity, follow the organisation on:


X                      @AdStandardsIRE

Instagram        @adstandardsireland

LinkedIn          @Ad-Standards-Ireland

New report shows adult vaccination returns up to €23 to society for every €1 spent by Government

If Government fully implements national immunisation programmes for Influenza, Pneumococcal Disease, Herpes Zoster and Respiratory Syncytial Virus there will be a return of up to €23 to society for every €1 spent by Government according to the Office of Health Economics (OHE) Report1


  • 73,731 reductions in hospital admissions as a result of implementing preventative adult vaccination1


  • Adult vaccination provides up to €4.8 billion in net monetary benefits to society, the equivalent of up to €7,031 for each person’s individual vaccination course1


  • 1,429 deaths and 16,555 life years can be saved if National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) recommended programmes for influenza, Pneumococcal Disease (PD), Herpes Zoster (HZ) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are fully implemented. These programmes would lead to the prevention of approximately 376,000 disease cases.1


  • Report calls on policy makers in Ireland to invest more in preventative strategies, including adult immunisation programmes due to the large positive socioeconomic returns.1


A new report from the Office of Health Economics (OHE), commissioned by GSK and launched at Leinster House today shows that implementing adult national immunisation programmes for Influenza, Pneumococcal Disease (PD), Herpes Zoster (HZ) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) generates societal value worth up to €23 for every €1 spent.


Titled ‘The Value of Adult Vaccination in Ireland’, the report reveals there would be 73,731 less hospital admissions and 16,555 life years saved if the Government implemented vaccination programmes recommended by the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) for these diseases.1


Simon Brassel, Senior Principal Economist at OHE, said: “Adult immunisation programmes in Ireland offset their costs multiple times through benefits to individuals, the healthcare system and wider society and play a crucial role in enabling Irish people to live longer, healthier and better lives. However, coverage and reimbursement decisions are often hampered by an underestimation of their full socioeconomic value. If all the NIAC recommended adult immunisation programmes studied were fully implemented we would see the generation of considerable societal value on top of large health gains for individuals.”


The first-of-its-kind report for Ireland highlights that adult immunisation programmes for influenza, pneumococcal disease, herpes zoster, and respiratory syncytial virus would prevent an estimated 375,807 disease cases and would avoid 1,429 deaths from these diseases.1


“Polio survivors are a living reminder of the value of vaccinations. Before the polio vaccine was rolled out in Ireland, epidemics in the 40s and 50s left thousands of babies and children either paralysed or requiring years of rehabilitation in hospital to recover. Later in life, Late Effects of Polio, or Post Polio Syndrome put many of us back into wheelchairs, destroying our ability to live independent lives,” said Macrina Clancy, Cathaoirleach, Polio Survivors Ireland.If there had been a polio vaccine for us at the time, we wouldn’t be living with disabilities, chronic pain and a severe intolerance to cold, brought about by polio. Vaccinations have been demonstrated as being hugely effective in keeping people safe and well. If a disease is preventable, we should be doing everything in our power to avoid unnecessary illness, particularly in our older adult populations.”


Kate O’Connell, Pharmacist and Director, O’Connell Pharmacy Group, said: “These findings highlight the immense value and positive impact of adult immunisation programmes in Ireland. By investing in these programmes, we not only protect individuals from diseases but also contribute to overall public health and alleviating pressure on our healthcare system. Euro for Euro, vaccination is a highly effective way to alleviate the pressures on our health services and I hope the Government takes on board the compelling data in this report.”


Just Eat switches up its iconic logo and invites everyone to come out for Dublin Pride, in a new campaign developed by Core

Partnership with Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre to raise funds for vital services

In a campaign developed by Core, Just Eat, Ireland’s leading on demand food delivery platform, is taking a bold step to show its authentic support in a way like never before. Known for encouraging people to stay in and enjoy a meal, Just Eat is inviting everyone to come out and join the Pride celebrations. To underscore their support, Just Eat will temporarily pause their Dublin delivery service one hour before the parade begins, to encourage people to step out and celebrate. Additionally, their logo, typically featuring a knife and fork, will be updated to reflect their Pride campaign.

Just Eat is thrilled to announce its participation in Dublin’s Pride celebrations for the very first time this year. In a show of solidarity and commitment, Just Eat is proud to announce a partnership with Irish charity, Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre, a cornerstone of the LGBTQ+ community. Just Eat will donate 50c from every order placed between 12pm on Saturday June 29th and midnight June 30th to Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre.

Speaking about their involvement in this year’s Pride, John Carey, Head of Marketing at Just Eat Ireland said:  “Our participation in Pride is more than just a statement. It’s a celebration of coming out and a commitment to stand with the community in a meaningful way. Our Pride celebrations will also feature a fabulous parade float and a vibrant Food Village, where everyone can enjoy delicious food while celebrating love, inclusion, and diversity. We are delighted to be partnering with Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre  who play an extraordinary role in the community.”

This project involved a diverse team from across Core, including Creative, Sponsorship, Strategy and Research, as well as collaboration with Teneo, Verve, and UMWW.

Speaking about the campaign idea, Robert Potts, Executive Creative Director at Core: “We are thrilled to join forces with Just Eat and the inter-agency team for this Pride campaign that truly shows what meaningful support looks like. You’ll see a lot of brands showing their support during Pride month. What you won’t see too much of though, is a brand prepared to run a campaign that flips their usual brand message of staying in to encouraging people to step out and celebrate Pride with them instead. A campaign that redesigned its iconic logo to reflect its partnership with Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre. And a campaign temporarily closing its own delivery service to get as many people as possible to join them in celebrating it. “

The Irish Sun teams up with Irish children’s charity Barnardos for annual Family Fun Day and Big Toddle Art Competition

  • First ever Barnardos Big Toddle Family Fun Day will take place on July 7th in Airfield Estate, Dublin


  • Colouring competition is now open to children under ten with sponsor Sunway Holidays giving one lucky family the chance to win a trip to Lapland


The Irish Sun and Barnardos have teamed up to host the first ever Big Toddle Family Fun Day on Sunday, July 7th in Airfield Estate, Dublin. The Irish Sun has also partnered with the charity once again for the Big Toddle Art Competition, with the competition sponsor, Sunway Holidays, offering one lucky family the chance to win once in a lifetime holiday to Lapland.


Taking place in Airfield Estate in Dundrum, Dublin between 1pm – 4pm, the Big Toddle Family Fun Day is celebrating 21 years of the Big Toddle bringing families together to raise much needed funds for Barnardos.

There will be an afternoon of fun and games, arts and crafts and children’s entertainment, including a magic show and a special appearance from Barnardos’ mascot Buddy.


The theme of the day is ‘Big Toddle Little Heroes’, with those attending encouraged to dress up as their favourite superheroes.


Tickets are available here with all the money raised going to help the charity’s Early Years Services which provide support for children to learn, develop, and increase their readiness for school.


In addition to the Family Fun Day, The Sun has also launched the Big Toddle Art Competition sponsored by Sunway Holidays. The competition is open now until 7th July to children under 10 years of age.

The grand prize for the art competition will see a family of four (two adults and two children 12 and under) win an Enchanted Escape Sunway Package to Lapland where they can visit Santa and indulge in magical Christmas fun.


Editor of The Irish Sun, Fiona Wynne, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Barnardos once again on our most popular and colourful campaign of the year. We are also looking forward to hosting the Family Fun Day event in Airfield Estate on July 7th and to be able to offer the winning artist and their family such a super prize with huge thanks to Sunway.”


Director of Fundraising with Barnardos, Mary Gamble, says: “Over the last 21 years, our Big Toddle campaign has raised just under €4.7million, funds that support Barnardos’ Early Years services. These services are a safe and welcoming place for young children between 2-5 years, and it’s where we help the children to develop and learn and to get ready for moving into ‘big school’. Big Toddle is our largest annual fundraising campaign and definitely our most adorable. Never mind Christmas, Toddle time is our most wonderful time of year!”


CEO of Sunway Holidays, Mary Denton, says: “Sunway are delighted to support the wonderful work that Barnardos do with their sponsorship of The Irish Sun colouring competition again. Barnardos works tirelessly to support vulnerable children and families in Ireland and we, at Sunway, are happy to support them and allow them to empower families to build a better future for their children. Happy colouring everyone!”

To enter, contestants can colour in the image from The Sun’s website here, and either email or post their entry into The Irish Sun before July 7th.


For more information on the Big Toddle Family Fun Day and the Big Toddle Colouring Competition visit


All eight episodes of The Stardust Tragedy, a podcast from The Irish Sun, now available to listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

• Eight episodes, narrated by The Irish Sun’s Damien Lane, detail the catastrophic night of 14th February 1981 and the aftermath

• Series features interviews with first responders, survivors and the families of victims

• Hear key insights into the inquest, the investigation, and the 43 year long fight for justice


The entire eight part series of The Stardust Tragedy, a brand new podcast from the Irish Sun which investigates one of the most heartbreaking disasters in Irish history, is available to listen to now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Narrated by The Irish Sun’s Damien Lane, a veteran journalist who has covered life and crime in Ireland for over two decades, the eight part series tells the story of the tragic night of 14th February 1981, when 48 young people lost their lives and the shocking events that followed.

Brought to you by the makers of the number one podcast ‘The Kinahans’ and ‘The Making of a Detective’, The Stardust Tragedy tells the story from the very beginning up until the current day, with several individual stories of the young victims as they set off for the Valentine’s night disco in the Stardust nightclub in Artane.

The podcast continues with a thorough investigation into the fatal fire, testimonies from survivors, firefighters and first responders on the scene, and the devastating aftermath that followed as families fought for over four decades for justice for their loved ones. The series concludes with Episode 8: Unlawful Killing, which provides expert insight into the final verdict from the Stardust inquests.

Fiona Wynne, Editor of The Irish Sun, says: “Few events in Irish history have soaked into the souls of the Irish people the way the Stardust fire has. The scale of the loss, the grief and the sadness is difficult to comprehend, 48 young lives robbed in minutes, with broken families left to pick up the pieces.
But living alongside that pain has been the inspirational courage, tenacity and grit of those left behind, driven for over four decades by love, stopping at nothing to get justice for their son or daughter, brother or sister, family or friend.

In The Stardust Tragedy, the families of the victims take us through the chaos and horror which unfolded on Valentine’s Day 1981, right up to the long-awaited and triumphant ruling of unlawful killing on Thursday April 18, 2024, 43 years later.

It is a privilege to be able to share their stories.”

You can listen to all eight episodes of The Stardust Tragedy podcast here on Spotify or Apple

The Irish Sun is Ireland’s bestselling daily tabloid newspaper, with the latest local and global news, fashion, entertainment and sport.

Check out or follow us on @IrishSunOnline

Phase one of new exclusive Wellfield development in Malahide, Dublin unveiled by Lisney Sotheby’s International Realty on behalf of Ashcroft Developments

  • Spacious four- and five-bedroom homes available at Park Avenue, Streamstown Lane in Malahide from €950,000


  • Interior design elements by award winning designer Jackie Carton at Carton Interiors


  • A2 BER energy rating houses combining high levels of roof, wall and floor insulation



Ashcroft Developments are pleased to announce that sales are about to commence at their latest new residential scheme. Phase one sales at Wellfield Malahide, an exclusive new development of stunning four and five bedroom detached and semi-detached homes, are being brought to the market this weekend by Lisney Sotheby’s International Realty. Wellfield is ideally situated at Park Avenue on Streamstown Lane in Malahide.


Located within walking distance of the vibrant Malahide village, the contemporary red brick homes feature higher than standard ceilings on the ground floor, with generous living spaces throughout for growing families at all stages of life. Roomy attic trusses can be accessed by pull down ladder stairs and can be used for storage or future upward expansion of living space. The properties also have extensive front and rear garden space, with wiring for electrical vehicle home charging point available on the external wall.


Sustainability is paramount in Wellfield and the luxury homes feature high levels of energy efficiency with a BER rating of A2. Each home includes a three-zone air to water heat pump system, offering 24/7 programmable heating controls and allowing for the independent management of both living and sleeping areas, as well as hot water. The ground floor benefits from underfloor radiant heat distribution, giving an even circulation of warmth throughout the living areas. Additionally, the properties are equipped with an Aereco low energy demand driven ventilation system, which operates quietly to extract moist air from wet rooms based on humidity levels.


Sleek interior design features throughout the properties, with wall paint colours, bathroom tiling, sanitaryware, and kitchen designs selected by award winning interior designer Jackie Carton from Carton Designs. Built-in wardrobes by Cawley’s Furniture allow for stylish storage solutions, with sleek panel profiled solid core interior doors and satin chrome finish door handles by Carroll Joinery. The properties showcase bespoke custom designed kitchens with handleless units and 30mm quartz countertops, along with fully integrated Neff appliances.


Maureen Cummins, Development Manager at Lisney Sotheby’s International Realty says: “We are delighted to bring phase one of Wellfield to the market. Malahide is a beautiful coastal village with excellent restaurants, great shopping and of course, stunning views of the sea front. The properties are exceptionally spacious with four bedroom houses ranging from 1,460 – 1,886 sq. ft. and five bedroom houses ranging from 2,177 – 2,445 sq. ft. Generous storage and stylish interior design are key elements of the homes, along with top of the range fixtures and fittings including bespoke kitchens and appliances by Neff. Each property has generous rear and front gardens with green open spaces and walking tracks throughout the leafy development. Wellfield is in a prime location with Malahide Castle, Dublin Airport, the M50 and M1 just minutes away.”


Prices start from €950,000 for a Four Bedroom Semi-Detached house and from €1,050,000 for a Five Bedroom Semi-Detached house.


To learn more visit or register your interest with [email protected]

The Sunday Times to remove paywall for two days this weekend – June 8th and 9th – to allow readers enjoy free access to world-class journalism

  • Readers can sample all website content including extensive local and European election coverage, superb interviews, groundbreaking investigations, unrivalled sports coverage and inspiring travel and home content


  • The initiative, in association with Sky, will be supported by extensive advertising campaign across radio and digital


The Sunday Times is removing the paywall on all content for two days this coming weekend to allow readers enjoy free access to world class journalism.

Over Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th, readers will be able to sample all the premium content available on website including the latest interviews with cultural icons and world leaders, groundbreaking investigations and unrivalled sports coverage, to inspiring travel and home content. Readers will also enjoy the latest updates on the Local and European elections from Political Editor Hugh O’Connell and Political Correspondent Claire Scott.


Following the open access this weekend, readers will then be able to subscribe for just €5 for 12 months.


The ‘Open Weekend’ paywall removal initiative is in association with Sky, who will engage in a takeover of the homepage on the website across the weekend.

Laurie Kelly, Group Marketing Manager of News Ireland, says the initiative will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign.


“We’re really delighted to open up The Sunday Times’ website for Irish readers this weekend, particularly as there will be a very busy political news agenda with the Local and European elections taking place. It’s a great opportunity for both new and loyal readers to experience the amazing range of high-quality work generated by our dedicated team of journalists in Ireland and across the world. We are supporting the initiative with radio advertising on RTE, Newstalk and across our own Wireless radio stations. We will also have a range of digital advertising across the weekend, as well as engagement via The Sunday Times’ newsletter and own other owned channel communications.’


To enjoy this weekend’s free access to

The Sunday Times, simply visit


Nine in ten Irish people over 50 worry their funeral costs will be a financial burden on their families – An Post Insurance survey

  • 68% have made no actual plan for their funeral, many saying they have had conversations with their loved ones about their funeral preferences
  • Cremation now the preferred burial option (47%) for over 50’s
  • Three quarters say it’s no longer important to wear black to a funeral, and that shaking hands and expressing sympathy is still a key Irish tradition


Nine in ten Irish people (94%) over the age of 50 worry that their funeral costs will be a financial burden on their family, according to a new Red C survey* unveiled by An Post Insurance into the attitudes to death and funerals in Ireland.


However, despite these concerns, a significant 83% of those surveyed say they don’t have a funeral specific insurance policy in place to help pay for their funeral.


While two thirds (65%) of those surveyed say they are ‘comfortable’ discussing death and funerals, only one in three have made some plan for their funeral. 68% of people haven’t made any plans.


Three in four respondents say they have had ‘conversations’ with loved ones about their funeral preferences and wishes, but despite this, 88% have not included their funeral preference and wishes in their will.


Cremation now the preferred burial option among the over 50 age group:

Being cremated has increased in popularity among the over 50 age group, with nearly half (47%) of respondents now preferring this option. 39% of respondents expressed a wish for a traditional burial, while 4% would rather their body be donated to science or have an ‘alternative’ style of burial such as a ‘green’ burial. 11% say they have given no thought whatsoever to how they want to be laid to rest.


€6,000 – the average cost of a funeral in Ireland in 2024:

The survey reveals that when it comes to the cost of a funeral, expectations versus reality are mostly aligned. Those who haven’t yet paid for a funeral (72%) estimated that it will cost approximately €6,409.


This is aligned with the actual average cost of a funeral, which research shows is now approximately €6,252*, according to survey participants who have paid for a funeral in the past five years. However, this is a 14% increase on the cost of funerals in just two years (€5,484*) and is a significant 42% increase since 2016 (€4,062**).


Live streaming of funerals now accepted as the norm thanks to Covid 19 pandemic:

The survey also reveals that traditional attitudes to funerals are shifting as a whole. Three in four people believe it’s no longer important to wear black to a funeral, and 69% believe that broadcasting or livestreaming funerals for those who can’t attend is a good idea, an option that gained prominence during the Covid 19 pandemic.


That said, Irish funeral traditions are still important to many. Wakes are still a respected tradition in today’s society with 81% agreeing it is an opportunity to pay tribute to the person who has passed away and three quarters believing it helps those left behind with the grieving process. A wake in their own home is the preferred choice of those surveyed (69%).


The following traditions are outlined as most significant by respondents:

  • 74% – shaking hands and expressing sympathy
  • 67% – soup, sandwiches and ‘good hospitality’ at the afters
  • 41% – a singsong after the funeral
  • 54% – telling stories about the deceased


With premiums starting at just €15 per month, a funeral insurance policy with An Post Insurance is an effective means to pay for some, or all, of the cost of your funeral, depending on the level of cover you take out.  For example, €15 (including 1% Government levy) per month a 50-year-old would be assured for cover of €4,700***.


Under an An Post Insurance Funeral Insurance policy, your loved ones will be provided with a fixed lump sum on your passing, once your policy has been in place for two years. If your death takes place within the first two years, your beneficiaries will receive a sum equal to the amount you have paid in at the time of your death. Total premiums over the term of the policy may exceed the death benefit. Costs can increase over time, while cover remains fixed***.


Remarking on the survey, Suzanne McGuinness, Head of Marketing at An Post Insurance, said:It’s great to hear that attitudes are becoming more positive around the discussion of death, and that Irish people are becoming more pro-active in forward planning.

“With such a high percentage of people worried about funeral costs, we are keen to help Irish people understand that taking out funeral insurance is a simple way to help them prepare financially.


While it may seem gloomy to think about, taking out a funeral insurance policy will ensure that some of the costs of your funeral will be covered, lessening the impact on your loved ones during a difficult time.”


Financial Advisor Paul Merriman, collaborating with An Post Insurance, echoed the same sentiment. Merriman said: “It’s encouraging to see that although some lovely funeral traditions are being maintained, there is a positive change in the Irish public’s willingness to discuss their own funeral. It’s important that these discussions are taken to the next step to ensure you get exactly the funeral you want.


A funeral insurance policy is a great place to start in terms of taking care of the expenses and ease the financial burden on your loved ones.


Get the peace of mind you need with An Post Insurance Funeral Insurance

For more information visit

€7.5 million forestry land portfolio offered for sale by Lisney offers potential investors stable returns, ESG alignment and opportunity to promote environmental sustainability

Lisney, Ireland’s largest independently-owned multi-disciplinary property advisory company, has been instructed to oversee the sale of a €7.5 million forestry portfolio in Ireland, spanning approximately 428.7 Ha (1,059 Acres) for sale by private treaty.


The portfolio comprises 11 distinct plots with three in Wicklow, two in Kildare, one each in Louth, Westmeath, Donegal, Galway, Cork and Waterford. The parcels of land range from 27 to 241 acres and can be sold as a portfolio in one lot or as individual lots. The locations are:


  • Laragh East, Co. Wicklow
  • Tinode, Co. Wicklow
  • Trooperstown, Co. Wicklow
  • Carrick, Co. Kildare
  • Parsonstown, Co. Kildare
  • Stonehouse, Co. Louth
  • Lackan, Co. Westmeath
  • Barnesmore, Co. Donegal
  • Derrybrien, Co. Galway
  • Garryantaggart, Co. Cork
  • Coolydoody, Co. Waterford

Each plot has been managed in accordance with both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) standards, representing a blend of commercially viable and environmentally sustainable opportunities.


All lands have good accessibility with forestry roads in place and are planted with 18 species of trees with Sitka Spruce, Doughlas Fir, Norway Spruce, mixed Broadleaves, and others. All trees are at various stages of maturity.


Offers are sought in excess of €7.5 million for the entire portfolio however lots can be sold individually, with the guide prices ranging from €235,000 to €1,155,000.  


Lisney’s Cathal Daughton and Thomas Byrne are handling the sale. They anticipate the portfolio will attract strong interest from national and international investors seeking stable returns, ESG alignment and portfolio diversification supported by favourable market dynamics and government policies promoting forestry investment in Ireland.


Contextualising Ireland’s Forestry Sector

The sale of this forestry portfolio underscores Ireland’s forestry sector’s significance. Recent trends emphasise the urgent need for expanded forest cover and sustainable management practices. Despite the opportunity, last year’s planting figures fell short of the Government’s 8,000-hectare target, signaling challenges in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.


Forests are crucial for carbon sequestration and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Ireland’s forest coverage is among the lowest in the EU at 11.6%, prompting calls to reach 18% by 2050 for climate action.

Investing in forestry offers benefits beyond financial returns, including carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and soil protection. Government support through grants, tax incentives, and subsidies enhances the appeal of afforestation and sustainable forest management, making forestry an attractive investment.


Forestry stands out as a stable, resilient asset class amidst shifting market landscapes, offering diversification, and promising long-term returns.