Restaurants in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Donegal feature in Top Ten Best Restaurants list compiled by The Sunday Times sponsored by Cully and Sully

  • Four restaurants in Dublin, four in Cork, one in Galway and one in Donegal feature in the annual list of Ireland’s Top Ten Best Restaurants compiled by renowned food critics John and Sally McKenna


  • The annual Top 100 Best Restaurants list also includes a number of other categories including Best for Music / Vibe, Best for Walk-In’s, Best for Counter Dining and many more


  • For the full 100 Best Restaurants list visit ie/join


The Sunday Times, Ireland’s leading quality Sunday news brand, has today unveiled its definitive Top Ten restaurants as part of its annual 100 Best Restaurants list sponsored by Cully and Sully – the ultimate guide to eating out in Ireland.

Four restaurants in Dublin, four in Cork, one in Galway and one in Donegal feature in the prestigious Top Ten list.

Compiled by renowned food critics John and Sally McKenna, this is their fourth decade covering the 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland and their eighth edition with The Sunday Times. The Top Ten and the full list of the 100 Best Restaurants is available today in The Sunday Times – Sunday, 24th March.

Irish restaurants offer a unique and distinctive cultural experience which is captured in each of the restaurants featured in the Top 100, while the Top Ten celebrates the very best of Irish dining, with the experience being as exciting as the food on the plate.

The Sunday Times’ annual list of Ireland’s 100 Best Restaurants also features a host of other exciting foodie categories including:

  • Five Best Music / Vibe
  • 12 Best Croquette
  • 12 Best for Value
  • 11 Best for Counter Dining
  • Nine Best for Genuine Menu Provenance
  • Nine Best for Sourdough
  • Six Best for Tableware
  • Four Best for Walk-Ins
  • Seven Best Mash
  • 10 Best for Meeting Mates and Celebrations

John and Sally McKenna say this year’s Top Ten is a combination of great food and a memorable dining experience: “We have decades of experience covering the Top 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland and we have learned that not only do Irish people want high quality food, they want an exciting and dynamic cultural experience, a combination of excellent service, a welcoming atmosphere and good value for money. This year, we decided to incorporate all these factors into our Top Ten and celebrate the very best that Irish cooking has to offer. Of course, this is a tough time for Irish restaurants and sadly there have been many closures, however, tough times encourage people to up their game and the Irish restaurant industry has done just that, creating culinary experiences which are truly memorable.”

 Jennifer Stevens, Editor of Ireland’s 100 Best Restaurants, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside John and Sally once again this year to bring readers the 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland. This year, John and Sally have not only focused on excellent cooking and food, they’ve created a list of restaurants that deliver an incredible dining experience from start to finish. Vibrant and dynamic restaurants that have a distinctively Irish creative style. I’m excited to add to my list of must-visit restaurants and I’m sure our readers are too.”

 The complete list of the 100 Best Restaurants, can be found

here – – or pick up The Sunday Times on 24th March 2024


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